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According to Wahls we should avoid gluten.
Some 6 years ago I stopped eating anything with gluten (along with dairy).
Have I ever noticed any difference? None. Once per year when I go to all-inclusive, I eat everything. Do I feel better? Worse? No changes.
I think that gluten might contribute to constipation, so I follow the dairy & gluten free path.
Despite anything my condition gets steadily worse. Fatigue is killing me. Short time memory is horrible.
Maybe if I didn't follow the diet and "run" 4 miles every morning I would be in a wheelchair and failed to recognise my wife. Who knows?
Yeah, you should make them at home because nothing is better than making things own at home.
It was hard giving it up but getting rid of all bread out of my diet is the best thing I ever did. Do i miss it yes i do. Do I miss the MS symptoms that come with it no I don't.
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