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Rather than starting a new thread i thought I'd piggie back an existing one. Bread is there any store bought loaves that are compliant? I live in Victoria, Australia if that helps. I have a bread maker but in between running my business and keeping my family behaving themselves :D i really cant be bothered making my own if i can avoid it. Any ideas?
I buy store bought.
I am in SA so may not be these brands but yes you can buy compliant from stores like Coles and Woolies, or artisan bakeries. Getting ingredient lists has never been an issue.
Watch out for canola or vegetable oil in trace amounts (I seem to recall George posting once that he has commercial breads and accepts this occasionally but may be wrong.)

Regardless, sourdough (come in wholemeal), Turkish and ciabatta loaves are usually compliant,
Bakers Delight chain has all of them and a delicious Cape Seed Loaf or rolls.
Many gluten free options are good for everything OMS except canola and ingredients are prominent.

What I have been doing the Last few months is making my own wraps. I use gluten free flour and soya milk, just mixed together with a fork until a runny consistency and then ladled onto a hot pan. I make lots together as they are lovely reheated in the oven and topped with chopped onion and peppers and then brushed when they come out of the oven with flaxseed oil or a mixture of flaxseed oil and balsamic vinegar. They really are yummy, especially filled with salad!

Thanks for the replies keep em coming.

To be honest i'm struggling with bread. My gut just doesn't seem to be happy no matter what i buy. I could be gluten intolerant not sure will trial it again. Would gluten intolerance show up on an elisa test?

Could be candida trialing that diet atm.

Gluten free bread wow that tastes like crap doesn't it, toasted its bearable but fresh. I found one bakery that makes a tasty offering but getting to it with a busy schedule is not easy.
Hello Craig,

I have just finished listening to a third 'Autoimmune Summit'. These are online events where integrative doctors and holistic practitioners talk about the root causes of autoimmune disease and what to do about it. I have by now listened to hours and hours of talks and one message that comes through again and again is:

- Up to 75% of our immune system is in the gut so getting gut health right is absolutely essential
- Everyone with an autoimmune disease has leaky gut (gut permeability). This means large part inlets of undigested food get into the bloodstream and are identified as invaders by the immune system, which then reacts against them, making antibodies to all sorts of foods. So with a leaky gut we'd test as being intolerant against loads of things. Fix the leaky gut and we can eat all sorts of things we previously did not tolerate.
- Gluten - especially that in wheat, barley and rye - leads to gut permeability for between 1 and 3 hours for every human on the planet. An otherwise heathy gut repairs itself and many people thus tolerate gluten consumption, or tolerate it for a long time. But the damage can build up, especially if there are other things wrong as well.

It does sound as if you would be better up giving up gluten, at least for a six month period or so. It can take 6 months for all traces of the gluten to be eliminated from the body. Be warned, things can get worse before they get better. Your gut may have become so used to dealing with the hard-to-digest gluten that it will go through a period of turmoil when the gluten is suddenly removed. When I gave up gluten I was fine for the first 3 days, then had a period of intestinal upset. All settled down for me within 2 weeks,

Good luck!

The Gut Microbiome is KEY to optimal health.
The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
Hello Craig

I agree that gluten free bread can be unpalatable. There was one I had while on holiday, it was a tesco seeded loaf. It was farely tasty, probably had ingredients in it we should not have though. Try the wraps I mentioned, they are best served straight after cooking while still warm and packed full of nice salad. I feel now over a year and a half since I stopped dairy and gluten that my taste buds are changing.


Is there any evidence that shows everyone is intolerant to Gluten?


Thanks for the replies Jette and Valley.
Does it work with water instead of butter milk?
Jeffc wrote: It says we can eat wheat but no commercial baked goods I have found a store bought pita bread that has the ingredients of organic unbleached wheat flour, water, yeast, organic vinegar and salt. Can I eat this or do I have to make my own bread?

I also have a bread machine but I don’t use it during the last two years as I gave up eating bread. But sincerely, I’m sure that home-made food is the best in our situation because you have the possibility to control all ingredients. I've learned to live with recipes from google and I’ve accepted doing this research for every task. Before buying something I study the content and papers
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