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Hi guys. I have been looking for a compact breadmaker. However, I can't find one where you don't need to spray the bread pan with oil in order for the bread to release.
Has anyone found a compact machine where you don't need to do this or found a good way to work around it?
Many thanks, L
I use the Panasonic one. Doesn't say to spray so never have. Just thump the tin to release loaf!
I agree with CBeebies. I have a Panasonic bread maker, an old one, and I just turn the pan upside down and the bread comes out! I make a lot of gluten free bread in it and find that I need to add some baking soda and baking powder to get the bread to not be so dense.
Excellent. Thanks guys.
Hi all

I've opened up this old thread as I am on a 'searching for a bread maker' quest.
Interestingly, I have just looked and saw a Panasonic one on offer. But as I do not have much time to research the market I was hoping someone on here might suggest a good compact one that does not need oiling, is good for experimenting with different breads etc.

Thank you for any suggestion, wise Oms-ers!

Thank you

Hi Martina. Afraid i can't help with a compact machine recommendation as i ended up with a full size morphy richards model simply because it was on a very special offer. It now lurks on top of cooker as it was the only space i had.
Every recipe seems to say oil pan before each loaf but i only oiled it before the very first use. A very quick swipe with an EVOO damp cloth.
I leave a tea towel over the hot bread in pan and the steam helps with release. Occasionally i have to use a plastic/wooden spatula to loosen sides.
To be honest (prob because i leave oil and sugar out of the recipes) i haven't yet found a loaf i really enjoy, despite plenty of bread maker recipe books.
Good luck, L
I was concerned that the vertical loaf would not bake evenly, but decided to give Cuisinart Bread Maker a try and am glad that I did. Loaves are thoroughly and evenly baked even on the light crust setting. I appreciate the fact that the mixer paddle design is such that about 95% of the time the paddle is left in the pan when a loaf is removed, so no more digging in a hot loaf to remove the paddle. After trying both normal and rapid yeast, have settled on the rapid setting for those recipes that allow it. The best bread machine I have had in 25 years of using bread machines.
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