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I was wondering if their are any oms friendly, gluten free breads that anyone can recommend. I live in the U.K.
The Warburton range is OK.

Some bakers do good loaves.

But the easiest - as well as the most therapeutic - is to make it yourself, following an online recipe ...
Marks and Spencer every time! The sourdough is particularly good. I also got a nice baguette type GF bread from Whole Foods but cant remember what it was called
My partner has been making sourdough for the last 4-5months, and while the first 3 or 4 were more bricks than bread, which we now know was due to the starter not being strong enough to make the bread rise, the rest have been really good. Nothing better than freshly baked bread twice a week!
She enjoys the whole process too, and I enjoy eating it. :D
Another vote for The Warburton.
I have never really enjoyed Gluten free bread, fortunatly Gluten dosn't seem to be a problem for me.
I like home made whole wheat bread. I excluded any other bread from my ration because of the diabetes. There was a period when I had to have every week injections, I , and couldn't lower blood sugar without meds. Now, I strictly follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and can go without meds.
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