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Hi George and Lisa

My Nordic Naturals Fish Oil does has Vitamin E listed in the nutrition analysis, I presume this is to stabilise the oil for shelf life, and that it is a small percentage overall. Is this an issue I should be concerned about ie find another brand until I am past the initial 9 months of my "lifestyle change" and no longer need fish oil?


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You are right Wendy, the small amount of Vitamin E in fish oil caps keeps the fish oil from oxidising so it is doubtful that you will find a brand that doesn't contain Vitamin E. But as you also surmise this small amount is not harmful. Some Krill oils are developed without the use of Vitamin E, but Krill oil tends to be expensive and any purported additional benefits have yet to be comprehensively proven.
5mls is 5g or 5 of the 1000mg capsules

I seem to be bruising too easily. Can anyone tell me whether there is a connection between supplementation with Omega 3 fish oil and bruising?
Hi there,

this is my first post here so one more time - big hello :)

I have just read professor's Jelinek book and I'm really impressed. It gave me so much hope and even more determination for staying well in my disease!

But let's get to the point - I'm currently supplementing around 15g/day of Borage's oil which is one of the best sources of GLA and Omega 9. I'm doing it following those researches:
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1792 ... d_RVDocSum
http://journals.cambridge.org/download. ... f415584175

Have you ever seen this and what is your opinion? I know that George recommends the flaxseed oil so I'm wondering if I should change this supplementation.
Hi Snowbron

Yes you should change. GLA is an omega 6. We need to move the balance of omega 6 to omega 3 to about 2:1, and most of us currently in Western countries have about 20:1, in the US about 25:1. Omega 6 is pro-inflammatory, shifting the immune balance to a Th1 setting; omega 3 on the other hand is anti-inflammatory, moving the balance to Th2, which is much better in MS and other inflammatory diseases. Stick with flaxseed oil!

Be well

Thank you for quick answer George!

But what is your opinion on this trial? It has been double blinded and 2 doses of borage oil has been used. The group with high dose had quite good effects.Well, I'm not a Ph.D. so asking professional :)

Not sure how to start a new post, so will add onto this one....

I am currently getting eczema, which I have only very rarely had during my life (never needing treatment creams even except once). The worst case being during my series of relapses a year ago. I am following the OMS program and switched to Flaxseed oil (20ml a day) as my main source of Omega 3 after reading the lower relapse rate and having taken fish oil to start with. I have read that eczema can be a lack of the enzyme delta 6 desaturase. Taking Evening Primrose Oil or Borage Oil is recommended. I currently eat almonds every day so will be already getting a reasonable amount of Omega 6. Is it OK to try taking either Evening Primrose or Borage Oil to see if this clears up the eczema? Also would this indicate I should be staying with Fish Oil instead of Flaxseed? Was put off Fish Oil (other than when eating fish) due to the studies showing that it often did not have the amounts of EPA and DHA claimed. My skin seems better on Flaxseed and I am certainly doing very well, apparently me 'in person' is very different from me 'in MRI pictures'.......but of course diet has nothing to do with it, lol. ;-)
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