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I'm an OMS newbie, I am just getting to grips with the diet especially as I already try to exercise, get Vit D and engage in mindfulness.
The meat free part seems to be tripping me the most; sorry if it's a silly question, but does it also include meat products like gelatine? I really want to give it a shot and follow the guidelines as closely as possible. I've been hungry for a couple of days as I'm still getting used to foods I can grab and go with!
Thank you x
Welcome to the forums MrsMed.

Gelatin is not a problem in relation to MS. While it is an animal product, it contains no saturated fat. However, some people are either allergic to the capsules or have ethical concerns, so they may try to source non-gelatin products, which tend to be more expensive and less widely available.

Yes the diet includes all meat products, all dairy products and a long list of saturated fats and oils.

Greens, salads, beans, grains including quinoa, nuts, seeds, whole grain breads, fruit, nut and seed butters, fish and shellfish are all available.

As a quick snack a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit will take the edge off your hunger, as will fresh vegetables, once you start looking there is almost too much to find to eat, the biggest thing I found helpful was prep vegetables in bulk, on the weekends, bulk cook, rice or grains then too, and if you don't have one, get a small pressure cooker, then you can have your pick of lentils and beans, cooked on the weekend and frozen or refrigerated for the times in the week when you only have time to grab & go.

With grains, beans and vegetables already prepared, it's the matter of 2 or 3 minutes to have a Tupperware of food ready to go.
Be well, live long and prosper!
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