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Hi Everyone,
A couple of you have suggested that I need to start taking flaxseed oil. To be honest, I've been fighting it because of the taste. I bit the bullet today and ordered some organic, cold pressed flax oil.

I'm concerned that I may be taking too many supplements, and perhaps not the right ones. When people hear of everything I'm taking, they're shocked. So this has caused me to worry, and second guess my choices...

This is what I am currently taking daily;

I tablespoon lemon flavoured cod liver oil
3 probiotics
1 cod liver gel capsule
1 flax oil gel capsule
1 fish oil gel capsule
10,000 Iu vitamin D
A multi-vitamin
1 vitamin B complex
1 iron pill
1 biotin pill
1 B12 pill
1 magnesium pill
1 calcium tablet

What are others on here taking. I've been semi-OMS for 6 months, and full OMS for 2 months.

Hi Marilyn,
I've been following OMS for 29 months. When I first started, I took many supplements. Then I reread the book about supplements and simplified what I took. I now take 10,000 IU vitamin D3, 20-40 ml flaxseed oil, B12, Biotin and vitamin C every day and iron three times a week. I take Biotin and iron because I lost a lot of hair after Dx. Not sure why it happened and my hair is growing back.

Looking at your list, once your flaxseed oil arrives, you should be able to take that and not the other oils. I would stop taking the multivitamin now. You are already taking other vitamins and there is research about a multi not being good for you. I would also stop taking the calcium supplement. With the vitamin D supp, there is the danger of getting too much calcium if you supplement. Eating well will provide enough calcium.

Hope others can suggest to you as well!

Just a note.. you probably already are but take your magnesium at night as it's a muscle relaxant.
Most say we only have to supplement with flaxseed oil and b12. As our diet should be rich enough in rest.
However I personally take biotin and magnesium as well. ( and b12 and 30 ml flaxseed oil a day )
I use to take iron as mine was always so low but recently have an iron infusion so am good for iron for a while.
Thank you Betsy.
I am losing a lot of hair, since starting OMS. Not sure why exactly. I can only surmise that it's because OMS is doing a complete overhaul on my system? Fresh fruit, big salads, fish, beans, nuts and seeds each day...so I know I'm getting lots of nutrients...yet I'm still losing it! Regardless, that's why I started on the biotin and iron, like yourself. The fact that you say it's growing back for you, gives me hope.
Great advice. Yes, I will stop the other oils once my flaxseed oil arrives.
Hi Blueberry,
No, I wasn't taking my magnesium in the evenings. I was taking it in the morning. I will change that now that I know. Curious as to what you mean by iron infusion?
Thank God for this website and group! Sometimes, I'm confused and concerned that I may not be doing all that I can, or the right things to help my condition. It also helps to hear from and connect to likeminded individuals, with the same goals.
Thanks for the advice,
I would drop the calcium. High vitamin D is enough to convert calcium from your food.

Also George says multi vitamins are not great so i would get rid of that one too. You don't need it.
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OMS November 2015
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Hi Ladybug41,
Thanks for the advice.
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