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I just have a question regarding supplements. Should you take vitamin k with vitamin d? I have read this makes the vitamin d more effective. Also there is a lot of talk at the moment about zinc and how good it is for the immune system. Do others take it and if so do you find it benificial? Sorry for so many questions but if zinc is good with a cold winter coming I would like to be on it!

Eating greens, packed with vitamin k. Zinc if also found naturally in the food to eat, eat your food naturally which being OMS you are as you've moved away from ready made convenience processed products.
Getting these naturally from the foods we eat is much better than adding supplements, especially synthetic. Whenever I think about adding a supplement, I go online and look at the best food sources and see if I am eating enough of that or if I could include more in my diet. Stay plant based and eat a variety of fruits and veg, (dark leafy greens, colors, and sulfur rich) .
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