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I want to follow the OMS diet and life style to the 'T'. I need to understand the exact amount of the Omeg-3, Flex Seed oil and other recommended supplements that I need to take daily. Also when to cut back on one or the other when taking them all. For instance if I am taking fish oil capsules daily how much Flex seed oil if any I should be taking, etc..
Is there a daily plan for both foods and supplements that is written somewhere that I can follow to ensure that I am following the approach to the 'T' ? Trying to do what I can to stay as healthy as possible!

Thanks Terry
Everything you need is on this website and for more background data the book is a very good read.
If you are taking flax oil you don't need fish oil capsules.
Whole food plant based with sea food.
Vitamin d and b12.
Start with getting your vitamin d level tested.
Don't forget meditation, exercise and potentially medication.
Also the rearch section and the holism papers are good to keep upto date with as this is where updates to the oms approach can be posted.
I take one b12 1mcg twice a week.
Vitamin d depends on your level and weight.
Thanks 'Veg' :) I have ordered the book and it should be here this week. I am in the process of getting blood work done ordered by the Neurologist so I will check the Vit D there. I know in the past it had been low so I started to take Vit D3.

Thanks for the response I really appreciate it!!

Btw, I am in the U.S is there a specific list for your origin or is it all together in one site ?
All on the one site. If vitamin d low really needed to do a megadode.
Do find out the actual number don't be fobbed off with its ok.
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