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Hi , should I get my B12 level checked , and if so what should it be? I'm on basically a vegetarian diet , apart from chicken breast once a week and fish 4-5 a week .
I had tingling in fingertips which I put down to the cold weather .what is a good food source of B 12

B12 food sources are largely meat and dairy, so it is difficult for people following our diet to get our B12 from food.

I take 1000 units of B12 a week (that is the maximum anyone should take per week).

Get your B12 checked by your GP. Explain that you are following a largely vegan diet. I had mine checked after I had been supplementing, and it was fine.

You should be aware that many signs of B12 deficiency are similar to MS symptoms - eg tingling fingers - so it might just be an MS symptom, rather than a sign of B12 deficiency.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Rachel
Will gat it checked. I had tingling and even didn't know where my hand was , if that makes sense , last year,.
It seems to eased , whether due to diet and flaxoil or warmer weather. ( spring here ).now.
Though not painful those symptoms are really really annoying:)
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