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Hello, it's me again! I feel like I am constantly posting something, excuse me for that! :D I used the search engine and been looking through but couldnd find an answer. My question is about Vitamin D. Everywhere I read you should take 10,000 IU a day, but honestly I have no idea what this means. I even tried to google it and convert it and what not. I am so lost. I live in Germany and here on the box it says "37,5mg". How much IU is that? How much should I be taking? I have honesty been slacking on my but D lately and have never measured it, and maybe that is my problem. Can you please give me some guidance? :(
22 years old
First symptoms noticed 2010
Diagnosed 01/2011
OMS since 27 Sept 2017
1 microgram (mcg) = 40 IU for vitamin D

37.5 mcg = 1500 IU
OMS since 17/08/2015
Diagnosis 28/05/2015 - 22/09/2015
Hi Kira,
I live in Germany as well. I take vitamin D3 pills which are 10,000 IU each and on the bottle is written: “10,000 IU (250 my[Greek character My = micro]g)”. Therefore, a daily dose of 10,000 IU seems to be 250 micrograms = 0,25 mg = 0,00025 g. (While I am writing a new post by Diggity is popping up: Yes, that’s identical information: 250 mcg = 10,000 IU is the same as 1 mcg = 40 IU.)
The blood tests in Germany come back with a different measurement than in Australia and GB. The 25(OH)Vitamin-D3-level of 150–225 nmol/ml we should aim at (best around 200 nmol/ml) according to OMS, translate into 60–90 ng/ml (=mg/L) (best around 80 ng/ml) in the measurement used in Germany.
Usually general practitioners in Germany (“Hausärzte”) are quite willing to order this test to the expense of the health insurance (“gesetzliche Krankenkasse”), if not, and you are being requested to pay for it yourself, it is not so very expensive: around 18–20 € (or search for another, more generous general practitioner!).
Although my general practitioner is prepared to order about 2 blood readings per year, he is not convinced of the benefit of the high blood level, which OMS recommends and which I want to have. This means, that I do not get a prescription for D3-pills from him (but acquaintances of mine get D3 via prescription from their doctors and to the expense of their insurance! The name of what is mostly prescribed in Germany is “Dekristol”.) If you can obtain a prescription, that’s best, because then it’s firstly pharmaceutically graded and correct dosage is guaranteed and secondly without cost for you.
If you can’t obtain a prescription and have to buy it by yourself, it becomes more difficult, since I have to this day not found a supplier in Germany for 10,000 IU dosage. My impression is, that stores and internet retailers in Germany are not allowed to offer dosages higher than 1,000 IU per pill. I therefore order my vitamin D3 10,000 pills at a British internet shop (within the EU, therefore without further customs borders to Germany). A bottle which lasts about one year costs around 25-30 € (including shipment) this way, if I remember my latest order correctly. What I will do post-Brexit I do not know. Possibly I will look for a supplier in another, but – regarding supplements – less regulated EU country.
I can tell you brand and website of retailer which I use, if you send me a PM.
Good luck!
Hi Kira and Zoe, I'm just throwing out there another great place to get Vit D3 is iHerb in the USA. I'm in Australia and we only have 1,000iu available over the counter too so I get all my D from iHerb. They ship worldwide.
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