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Hi guys,

I currently take 10,000iu vit D and 1000ug B12. I've seen a lot of stuff about vit K, magnesium and other supplements.

Wondered if anyone could post a list of what they take and what strengths so I get a better idea of what I should look for?

Thanks :D
Everyone’s needs are different. And ive hard if you are fully on the OMS diet you shouldn’t need much more than what you are taking.

Due to my monthlies I get low in iron, I can’t tollerate the pills so last year I had an infusion ( whole other post )

I take biotin to help repair - a few times a week.
Bought K2 but yet to use it
I’ve just started tumerick pills and found they have really helped with inflammation.
And sometimes zinc
This is a very confusing topic and I worry that I'm taking too many supplements and not enough.

I take :
Vitamin D
Vitamin K2 (https://overcomingms.org/news-research/ ... -k2-new-d/)
Vitamin B12
Turmeric with black pepper
Pre and pro-biotics

I also wonder about magnesium, zinc, iron, co-enzyme Q10, but fear that trying endless supplements could just be "chasing rainbows"
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I personally take the below:
1. 5000 IU Vitamin D3 daily.
2. 1000 mcg Vitamin B12 weekly
3. 50g flaxseed oil daily.
1. Vitamin d
2. Vitamin b with b12
3. Magnesium ( I find it has been great for energy )
4. Vitamin k2
5. Milkthistle
6. Probiotics ( have prebiotics will start them soon)
7. Lions Maine
8. Turmeric ( I find as well as everything else it has really helped with my mood. )
9. Tiger balm ( Not a supplement but I thought it deserved a mention. )

Fish Oil
Saw Palmetto
Vitamin C
Green Tea
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