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Hi my lovely forum!

I need advice, as I am feeling very anxious.

Yesterday I found out that I was pregnant against all odds!! I am ecstatic but quite scared at the same time. I did not believe I could get pregnant after many doctors appointments with many gynos telling me that we would need medical intervention. I was therefore not using the pill despite taking copaxone (my husband and I are also currently living in two different cities!!).

I am only 5 weeks along, so it could still go wrong, but obviously the moment I found out copaxone was thrown out the window (well put in the fridge ready for the future, it's expensive). My darling MS nurse assured me that it will not affect the pregnancy and that the babies circulatory system is still independent of mine, thank goodness.

My concern however in with my vitamin D levels. I take 10,000 IU every day and since starting this I have felt amazing!!! I love it, it has changed my life and contributed to my MS disappearing. However my Norwegian doctors are disgusted at me taking this amount, as here in super-over-cautious Norway they only allow 200 IU every day. DESPITE ME LIVING IN TROMSØ WITH TWO MONTHS OF COMPLETE DARKNESS AND I'M AUSTRALIAN!!!!!

I don't want to stop taking my vit D as I don't want my child getting MS or all the other problems that come with vit D deficiencies. But this means I have to lie to all my doctors in Norway. And I mean some serious untruths. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable, but when their advice was to go to the solarium (despite my dad being riddled with skin cancer) and drink some more milk, I decided their advice was worth little.

I have considered going down to 5000 IU per day, but am still unsure. I literally get NO natural vitamin D until May, so I am a little worried.

I have seen Dr Jelenik say that it should be fine, but what have other people done. Can these high amounts of vitamin D cause problems in my child???

Please answer!!! Quite funny that we aren't saying anything to anyone, but I break this news to you all :)

This forum has been my lifeblood since getting MS, so it feels natural to share this exciting news.


I think maybe you need to find another doctor to discuss it with - although it sounds like your MS nurse is great. I don't think you should lie to your doctors - I think maybe show them the research Jelinek cites about high doses of vitamin D being safe and about vitamin D levels being involved in MS - if they still won't listen, let them know you'll consider their advice if they explain *why* vitamin D supplements might be harmful to you or your child. Doesn't sounds like they're giving you an actual reason!

Good luck with it,

Congratulations j_randles! This is an exciting time! :)

Seems like you are right to question your neuro's advice when they say drink more milk and isn't it 200iu's that simply prevents rickets?

It's a good question you are asking--'what is the upper limit D for pregnant women?', and I would like to know the answer as well. Did you see this earlier thread?

I am actually curious to know if your symptoms started after moving to Norway? Mine started after moving to Denmark from the sunny southeast US. Plus I can't imagine it being darker in the winter than it is here (I take 10000 now that it is winter)--you really do need to supplement when two months of complete darkness is no exaggeration.

I am also curious about whether or not your symptoms started after you moved because I think these latitude stats for MS have to take into consideration that in the modern world, people move around a lot. I guess it is the first 17 or so years of my life that matter in these stats, so therefore, I should be counted in the southern US, but I won't be, I will be added to Denmark's stats I suppose? And what should I make of the fact that things started here? It is all very complicated. In any case I know that like you, I too feel better supplementing with VD.

But back to your question--I don't know the answer, but I do know that it is very, very important that when in total darkness you get a good amt of D. And I have had skin cancer and wouldn't go near artificial beds and isn't a solarium for warmth--because D wouldn't pass through the glass?? The report that the professor put up in the above link suggests that the current dietary requirement for pregnant women could be 6000. This is followed by a post from a mother taking 10000. You are in darkness and it is important you get a good amount. Your doctor is there to help, so even if she/he disapproves, I think it is still your right to ask for a D test to know your blood levels if you find that reassuring (plus there was a recent thread on a mail-order D test if you don't want to ask your doc).

PS: Have you been to a Biosphere concert? :)
I'm afraid that I have no useful input at all on the vit D issue but I couldn't resist adding my congratulations!!!
What lovely and exciting news - wishing you and your growing bubby much love and happiness!

If you do use a solarium you must ensure that you receive UVB rays as well as UVA. Some beds only have the latter which is useless to you.
In the past I had found a really good link about vit d and pregnancy and MS and breatfeeding, through the MSRC site. Have been through my bookmarks and can not find it now.
So I aplogise for not being OMS but it is related and support vit d taking.
In essence from memory it supported taking suplement just I can't recall if it was 4000 or 5000 a day and 6000 when breast feeding possibly.
Have a search you might find it and help you with your decisions.

First, like others, congratulations on the pregnancy! I am 18 weeks pregnant and have been following this program for nearly a year now (started 6 Feb last year). To begin with I am sure the program helped me to actually get pregnant as we had been trying without success for a while prior.

I was generally taking 10,000 Vit D every day over last winter (I am in NZ - so Summer now) and from Septmeber last year I was down to taking 10,000 every seond day or so. My GP had no problem with the level I was taking while trying to get pregnant. Now I am taking it a few days a week depending on the sunshine I have got. So far my midwife has no issues.

I will continue my supplementation throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding etc and give my 4yo tablets (around 1,000) in weekends or on days he hasn't had much sun.

My only problem is I don't know what my current levels are. I measured 57 in March last year. My doctor sent me for a repeat test in Septmeber but when I rang the nurse at my GP to enquire about the result I got told the test wasn't done as the rules had changed and the Vit D test was no longer available!

Are you able to hunt around and see if you can find a doctor who has a differnet attitude and might be more supportive?

Good luck

Caroline Hi!

I am in Auckland and I have had the vit D test 3 times in the last year and a half, the last one in November.
That response sounds very fishy to me unless the labs down in Wellington are not offering them.

Interestingly if you get a copy of your results of any blood tests (as under NZ law you are within your rights to do) this is the message that is being sent out by Labtests at the bottom of the printout who do the Auckland GP requests. You can see why the GP's etc might avoid them if they get told off everytime they do; it's obviously costling the lab money and they don't like doing them!

04/11/2010 at 12:00 AM. Dr P: 25 OH Vitamin D3
TEST: 25 OH Vitamin D3; Adhbrsd1 ID: 10-4130837374500 Taken: 4 Nov 10 Rqstd: Dr....... Rptd: 4 Nov 10 Rcvd: 5 Nov 10
Vitamin D3 (25 Hydroxy): 224 nmol/L *** RR: 50-150 nmol/L

Comments: Comment: Current evidence suggests that supplementation with vitamin D to levels >100 nmol/L maybe harmful. Levels >250 nmol/L may cause hypercalcaemia. Note: this test measures only 25-OH Vitamin D3 (not D2). 25-Hydroxy-vit D is an expensive test. Individuals who are at risk of symptomatic vitamin D deficiency are those of Indian and African descent, frail elderly, and those who avoid sunlight for cultural or medical reasons. In such individuals, vitamin D supplementation with 1.25 mg cholecalciferol per month should be considered without blood testing. There is no rigorous evidence to support routine vitamin D supplementation in healthy community-dwelling individuals.

I wonder which 'current evidence' this lab is using........??

It's just too important for us not to have these tests. It took me nearly 2yrs and megadoses to get to my fabulous number of 224 nmol/L and it was only by doing the tests I was able to adjust my doses to get the right level.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Hi Everybody!

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments and advice. I am unfortunately unable to change neurologists, but it looks like my gynocologists is going to help me out with the vitamin D question, which is wonderful.

There was a question with regards to when my MS developed. I actually got diagnosed during my fourth year of living in Northern Norway, without any previous symptoms, no family history. I don't doubt that our two months of darkness and little sunshine was the turning point for me, when i look back. And yes, I can assure you that Tromsø is darker than Denmark. We have what is known as "the dark time", where the sun doesn't rise above the horizon for exactly two months. We see no visible light for two months and of course this is a gradual process, so we have no real light for almost four months of the year. But of course this is alternated with the midnight sun for two months and another two months of very light days. However this is not a great climate for MS.

I also agree that vitamin D and this lifestyle have helped us get pregnant........It shocked me that suddenly we just made it happen. This really is a lifestyle that helps everything, and I am never going back:)

I have decided to take approx. 4000-5000 IU of Vit d3 a day. There is sooooo much research showing that this is actually beneficial for pregnant women, and while I won't be discussing this with my neurologist, I will be discussing this with my gyno.

Again, thank you all for the comments and answers and to all of you who are expecting, good luck and congratualtions. Let's hope that we can keep our health at it's best during this exciting period of our lives.

Kashu -

Thanks for the comments re: Vit D testing in NZ.. Will definitely take it up with my GP!


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