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Here in the United States we have a saying "oh, that's a big hairy deal". That may mean something is very important, or if said with the right tone of voice, the phrase means sometime is highly overrated in importance. In the case of Vitamin D, there may be some literal truth to this saying. A few years ago, the hair on my legs all but stopped growing. When I noticed my Vitamin D level was lower than desired (although not officially deficient) and I started taking supplements, lo and behold, the hair on my legs started growing again. It appears that Vitamin D may be related to body hair growth! I'm wondering. Will I turn into an American hair ball? Inquiring minds want to know.
LOL! What an image, thanks for that Rebecca. But really, is that just a theory of yours or have you seen scientific studies relating Vitamin D to hair-growth? Do we all need to stock up on wax?!?
I have seen studies showing that Vitamin D is related to hair growth. After my hair start growing again, I checked for research and, sure enough, Vitamin D is related to hair growth. LOL. So, start stocking up on wax.
Having read the recent comments about Vit D3 I realised I should start taking the stuff. So far it's been one of the few rec's from George's book I hadn't been following. Plus my GP had told me that blood tests hadn't shown any deficiencies, though after almost a lifetime of avoiding it I now do my best now to get some sun when possible. The comment here about increase in the growth of hair worried me a little I really don't want to end up hairier but i suppose if it's MS v hair D3 wins.

Tonight ordering my supply of 5000iu capsules I discovered that the one of the main sources of vitamin D3 is sheeps wool! I remember as a teenager being told not use creams with lanolin in them as they would make hairy. This was later dismissed as an old wives tale but now I'm thinking ok - lanolin and Vit D3 and hair. So there was some truth to it!
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