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I am new to this MS world and have been following the diet for 2 months now.
I was wondering if any of you have experienced improvement and how long it took.
So far have experienced improved energy levels.

Hi JoB, welcome!

The thing with MS is everyone is so different; I personally have not had much of a change in symptoms in the sense of reversal of damage (that you can see without an MRI) but a lot have.

When I began the program 2ys ago after having my first attack about 15yrs earlier, I had just been told by my Neurologist that it looked like I had become more secondary progressive.

But there is no way you could say that of me now. The only signficant attack I have had in that 2 yr period was within hours of eating a large amount of dairy! So one would have to assume that if I had not made that bad decision I would've been attack free.

The reality is I am pretty stable now and that has to be because I have been on the Program. It will be interesting to see what my Neuro says at my 2 yr check up in a couple of weeks

The thing is not to get discouraged if you still get symptoms/attacks; I think George makes the comment in his book that the 3yr mark of being on the program will give you a good indication of any changes.

You can feel hope tho from the examples of others whose bodies have very quickly responded to the lifestyle changes and have seen significant benefits. I think it helps too if you begin the Program early in your diagnosis. :D
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
My symptoms have definitely improved - but it's hard for me to pick out what's due to diet, what's due to medication and what's just the disease going into remission...

I had an attack years and years ago - didn't know what it was - just lost all feeling in my right hand and most feeling in the arm. GP at the time was rubbish (first told me I had carpal tunnel syndrome, then told me I was hysterical). By the time I'd changed GP, seen the new one, been referred for nerve conductivity tests and test date had come round, symptoms had all vanished.
6 years later they came back with a vengeance, bringing friends, and I got worse and worse. I luckily found the diet and started it almost instantly. I had some relief from a course of steroids then continued the downward slide. A 2nd course of steroid stopped the progression. I was continuing the diet and my condition was improving. I don't know how much due to diet and how much just my body recovering now that the relapse had stopped. I started Tysabri and continued the diet. Over the next 2 years I improved my diet (I think following it well is a learning curve!), started supplementing with vitamin D and built in more exercise - I'm just starting to add in the meditation. I definitely feel loads better - in terms of energy levels, physical sensation and coordination. I'm even teaching myself how to touch-type again :-)

I was diagnosed about 5 months ago after optic Neuritis. About 2 and a half years ago I went numb from the waist down and walking was very hard. Completely recovered from that about 6 months to a year after it. The optic neuritis was a blow, coming after I let myself get burnt out and worn out completely. I can recognize that feeling now and completely rest when I feel it coming on. I started the diet as soon as I was diagnosed. I am completely well. My left eye is almost totally normal again, (I can only tell slightly if I close one eye) and I think it's still improving. I have SO much more energy, even though sometimes I do feel a little more tired than I'd like. (I think the Vit D really made a difference. I take 10,000 iu a day.) My mood swings have all but gone. I used to get so down and occasionally would lose my awful temper, now I feel so much more balanced! (Fiance jumps up and down with relief in corner). ;-)

This diet is great. I have no excess fat on my body, no cellulite, clear skin, all very welcome side effects. :)

I have a big green smoothie every morning, I juice lots of veg and the blend kale and ground flax into it. It sounds horrible I know but it's lovely and I crave them now! My point is, I think getting the most from the diet and being healthy is about introducing a whole load of super healthy things as well as stopping the bad stuff, the dairy and sat fat etc.

I just feel like giving your body what it needs to heal and function at it's optimum level is so important. Anyway I'm rambling. I feel good and healthy on this diet and long may it continue!

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