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This is a great article! Thanks for alerting us to it. I do think they greatly underestimate the amount of Vitamin D3 required to keep our Vitamin D levels at the high end of the normal range, however. I've never known even one person who can keep their Vitamin D at the level desired using only 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3.

Even so, it's great to see one MS society publishing such an article. I wonder if our USA MS society will ever do the same. The MS society here is really into drugs probably because they get big contributions from the big pharma corps.

We're making progress!!!!! Bravo everyone.

I agree with you Rebecca it is a great article and I have posted in the MS Soc discussion board in the UK but doubt the moderators will have noticed. There really isn't any real take up of the concept here in the UK (a country which lets face it isn't exactly melting with sunshine) and GP's generally question why you want your Vit D levels tested leaving it to the patient to have to lobby and take in research print offs to justify the reason for the request with still no guarantee that it will be tested. Mine wants me to tell her why I want the test and as I understand it the neurologists don't appear to be any different - though I have not asked mine yet.

But there is always hope.
I've just come back from hospital here in Sydney Australia and the doctor said my partner Andrea is going to die because her MS is effecting her talking, swallowing and breathing. The doctor said there's nothing we can do. Andrea's body is so skinny through lack of movement and PEG feed nutrition she looks like she's from the poorer nations with not a lot to eat. I know that Georges approach to dealing with MS and Vitamin D will help greatly but the people here will most likely shun the idea. If Andrea is on the verge of death wouldn't you as a doctor be open to the fact that this method will work? I'm so scared I'm going to loser her because of people's ignorance. I just cannot comprehend for the life of me why Vitamin D levels wouldn't be considered to help her seeing how even the MS society has acknowledged this. Can anyone here help me convince these close minded people to apply this to Andrea? I'm so scared of losing her.
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