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Good morning,

I have just received my Vitamin D test results the results are 49 nmol/L. After reading the current literature and your book I realise how important Vitamin D is. My GP must be so out of touch he has reccomended that I take a 600mg; 200IU Caltrate + Vitamin D supliment. I have ordered the 5000IU capsules and was looking for advice on what amount (quantity) of the capsules you would reccomend I take initially and then on-going?
Take a look here:

http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... Vitamin-D/

then take enough to bring your level up. I've been taking 10k/day and will be tested soon.

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Christine, read the Initial Megadose topic in this Vitamin D forum which has Prof Jelinek's responses to just this very question.

I was in exactly the same situation, I followed Prof Jelinek's advice and took an initial dose of 150,000 IU and now take 50,000 IU weekly to keep my levels up. I feel great.


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Agreed...The professor's advice is very good. I took an initial of 300,000 IU and an ongoing amount of 45,000 IU per week (still winter where I am)... Definitely notice a difference...

Good luck
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Hi, thanks for your replies, how long have you been taking the high dose vitamin D? Do you take calcium supplements as well if so what quantity?

Thanks Christine
I started taking vitamin D a couple of years ago prescribed by my GP - 50,000 IU once a month (a GP who understands the benefits of vit D for all sorts of things!). Then when I started the OMS program in February 2010 I upped the dose and have been taking 50,000 IU each week after the initial megadose. The effects were immediate, I felt great and still feel great!

Re calcium - there is no need for calcium supplements. This is from the FAQ's:

Where do I get calcium from if I exclude dairy from my diet ? Will I get osteoporosis?
There is abundant calcium in this diet. The real problem with calcium in western societies is lack of sunlight. Sunlight results in vitamin D being produced in the body, and vitamin D's main job is to absorb calcium from the diet. A whole calcium supplementation industry has grown in western countries as a result of sun avoidance. Foods such as dairy are heavily promoted as being healthy because they contain calcium, ignoring the real health problems they may cause. With adequate vitamin D, from sun or supplements, there is no problem with inadequate calcium. Osteoporosis is unlikely too for people who get enough vitamin D.

The FAQ's are great and answer most of our questions - they are in the Resources section.

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