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Hi everyone,
Am just wondering where people buy their vitamin D online?
I'm just looking for a good source, can only find 1000IU in the stores here..taking 15 pills a day of vitamin D seems a little excessive when i could be taking just 3 of the the 5000 IU. Is there somewhere to purchase 10000 IU online? I'm from Australia but postage is not an issue.
Thank you :)
iherb has all you need for Vit D3
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I got Health Origins 10,000IU from iherb - very quick service.

I can also get cholecalciferol 50,000IU on prescription from my GP - I'm in New Zealand so I'm sure that's an option in Australia.


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I just order some from here, they currently have 50% of the second pack.
I have been using http://www.prohealth.com/ for a year now, I buy the D3 Extreme which is 50,000 IU per capsule. Never been a problem, arrives in 2 weeks in Australia and you can set up an auto-order so they ship every 3 months automatically.
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