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Hi everyone

I recently found out I have MS and that Prof Jellinek recommends a vit D level of 150-200nmol.

I've been on a suppliment and sunbaking 15mins/day as much as possible. This has increased my vit D from 51 to 65 nmol.

I've read on here that there are vit D super doses. I asked a GP but he knew nothing of them. How do I get them? And once my levels are 150-200 nmol what dose suppliment will keep it there?

Happy health to all.
Hello Jane, please read the section on Sunlight and Vitamin D, you will find the mega-dose information there. Also do a search in the forum and you will find further information and it would also benefit you to search the FAQ's (found in the Resources section).
Hi, I would really recommend doing this it was a real turning point for me in term of energy levels. I have been recommending to others who haven't got MS to look at taking the supplement if their energy levels are low, or for depression. I feel Vit D plays a big role in the balance of our body, hope it has the same effect on you too! :D
Jane it took me about a year and 3 testings to get my body to increase my levels up to 224nmol/L.

I did sun + 5000IU/day for 6months and it made very littel difference. On George's advice I then took a megadose of 150,000IU in one hit and that only brought it up to 107nmol/L then I took 100,000IU for 3 days and then 20,000IU morning and night for one day, then 20,000IU per day for a week; then my test came back at 224nmol/L.
I maintain it at 10,000IU per day.

So you can see that the testings is important so you know how much to supplement.
There is no reason why you can't take a couple of megadoses in one hit or over a week as your levels are WAY too low.

I live in NZ and have found that for Vit D3 the most economical supply is from http://www.iherb.com
you can get higher levels in gel caps.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Thanks for your responses everone.

Lisa:Moderator - thanks for that. I did realise that there was info on the site. It's just I was very pressed for time and really wanted to get the info ASAP.
gardengirl - thanks for the inspiration
Kashu - thanks - that exactly the type of info I was after! - I've had my first megadose tonight and will be making an appointment to get my levels tested in a week or two.
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