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Really happy that this report is out in the BBC. It has said that 4000IU of vitamin D is safe for daily consumption. I realise we all know this but its nice to see it becoming public knowledge. Plus that the blood level should have min of 60nmol/l and not 25nmol/l. A step in the right direction I think. Now just to convince the doctor...


Laura x
Yup, would be great if all dr's endorsed it's use.I'm on 5000IU a day. My children are currently on 1500IU a day, soon to be a weekly dose of 10000IU. My dr supports what I'm doing, but I'd still so it even if he didn't.
I've just got this from the MS society:-

Despite this, there has been no major trial looking at MS disease progression and vitamin D supplementation. With regards to vitamin D supplementation we hold the viewpoint that this is entirely a decision for individuals to make. Because there isn’t yet conclusive evidence for the direct link between MS and vitamin D deficiency we do not recommend vitamin D supplementation specifically however we do note that it is wise to not be deficient in any essential vitamins or nutrients and to consider supplementation if deficiency is a possibility. We are aware that some GPs are prescribing vitamin D supplements to people with MS and that some countries (e.g. France) do supplement pregnant women with a high dose of vitamin D as standard practice (that is all women and not only those with MS in the family), but we as the MS Society do not offer any recommendations as to what particular individuals should do (as with all treatments, this is for discussion between the individual and their healthcare professional).


I hope that my ongoing debate will eventually prove helpful to more than the 'fanatical' few.
Yet MS New Zealand recommend pretty much the OMS lifestyle see http://www.msnz.org.nz/Page.aspx?pid=300 including vitamin D, although no mention of high doses. Prof Jelinek is one of the references for saturated fats, and Swank gets a big mention.


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That very link will be in my next e-mail, once I have the energy to carry on my fight and have worked out the next strategy. I feel I am talking to people who are trained with answers and not even listening to me.

If there is no real 'definative' evidence and no trails going on, how the hell do you ever get the diet endorsed, even if its just an increase in awareness as oppose a full endorsement?

BTW Wendy you are a true inspiration with your story, thank you for sharing it with us all.

Thanks Laura.

Great news post today with Roy Swanks original Lancet article back in 1990 - more convincing ammunition for the fight for recognition!

http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... he+Lancet/

Although no one needs to convince me or my husband that the OMS program works!


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Just been to see my endrocinologist and he was VERY HAPPY with my Vitamin D level of 191 ng/ml. And he had heard it has a link to helping in MS, from a conference he had been to last year. So he sees a connection. He even said he himself was taking it.

He had prescibed a megadose of 600K by injection this time last year, and it was supposed to replace having to supplement, but a test not long after the injection showed my level at 100, so I continued with 5,000 per day over summer, and increased to 10,000 over winter. And the level of 191 was taken just after the end of Winter in Sept.

I had thought he might have told me I was overdoing it, as the GP had said, but the specialist was very supportive. He said toxicity can occur, but he would not think to worry unless it got over 300. He said he tests all his other patients, particularly those with thyroid conditions and diabetes and prescribes the dose for them.

I mentioned that I bought the 5,000 and 10,000 capsules over the internet, as Australia does not sell any over 1,000. He said that he can get a compounding chemist to make the larger doses if required. Which is what he did for the injection.

But he definitely has seen some studies presented to give him the view that it is worthwhile. He seems to be on top of the game, and taking notice of papers presented at conferences when they may not be generally accepted.

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Thank you for all your replies. You have re-energised me and I am ready to go.

I will make this information more prevalent on the MS Society website in Britain. I have a vision and I have a goal.


well done on the great Neuro, you're very lucky.

Thank you again.

Actually MrsP, my neuro isn't that great about vitamin d, it was my endocrinologist. The neuro thinks vitamin d and diet can't do harm, but doesn't see them as being able to make a positive change to MS. But I know it is making a difference, I just gave up convincing him of it, but keep doing what I am doing ;)

Good luck with Ms Society in Britain. Hopefully they will start to see how big a difference vitamin d can make.
Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
When I was dix, researched online on recovery and thought I'd ask ab Swank's diet to my Ms nurse, she said it was a BIG no no! Then few months later I discovered OMS book and I let it to her to read. She seems to be thinking ab it now. We'll see if doctors/nurses in GB be more open minded soon!
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