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Good news for everyone in Australia!
Vitamin D capsules are available here from several websites. One being: http://www.evidencia-australia.com/p/11 ... tgels.html
I can't yet vouch for the quality, but will be trying them soon.

Wishing you all a healthy D level!

And..... they have more than one type of D3 5000IU, and shipping is free within Australia. Finally!

Thanks Jim

For those in Australia. I get vitamin D3 5,000IU capsules by Thorne Research at my local Terry White chemist in Brisbane. They cost $25 for 60 and I take one a day.

Lou xox
As mentioned in one of my other posts I recently saw my Integrated Medicine GP and she is very supportive of the Program, has read my highlighted portions of my copy of George's book and has also heard him speak. So although she works with me and even recognises that I probably know more about MS than her, she admits to feeling a bit apprehensive when Vit D levels go over 120 nmol/L she prescribed enough for me to get me back up to 220 after this last test returned as 124 even though I take 10,000IU per day. There is obviously something very strange going on in my body; something is draining it quite quickly.

I have just done a megadose and I won't admit to how much because I did misread the level in each tablet; they didn't use the usual IU measurement and it was not until I took off the chemist's label I could see what it actually was oops! Let's just say I have tested the toxticity argument

But has anyone had a similar experience with their levels decreasing dramatically despite a high blood level to begin with and a high daily dose?

Also any theories about what may be causing this in the body?
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Kashu it might be whole grains binding vit D & carrying it out of your body, esp wheat. Do your own investigation of course as its all a bit Paleo :twisted:

Also, you can get liquid D3 drops here. 1 pleasant creamy drop :D = 1000 iu which makes it easy to calculate. Bioceuticals practitioner only (ie behind the counter).
It's cheaper than the tabs if I calculated correctly, and you can adjust dose, and no capsules.

Lou's capsules cost 42c per 5000IU.

Liquid is $32 for 20ml (= 20000 ul) which is 89 doses of 5000IU
1drop is 45ul, so 5000IU (5drops = 225ul) costs 36c if I got that right
@Redcow - thank goodness we have a new MS nurse in Exeter now. Hopefully the new one has done more research and reading, it seems like you have been educating her! My plan is to jog in there when my body is healed.

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