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sometimes you have to attempt new ways in dealing with MS. I stopped medications and followed a strict vegan diet.

I read some researches about vitamin D and its role for MS. There are some evidences about the preventions with vitamin D against MS and also as therapy at existing MS.

Normally I should go to the doctor for checking my vitamin D status in blood and then to decide to take it. But I think the doctor is maybe not keep up to date with this researches and I won't give him a feeling as a bonehead :)

If somebody did using vitamin D on his own, please tell me something about the right dosage (IE)



Start at 5000IU of vitamin D3 a day. However read the resources section on this website. There is more evidence there.
Thanks for your recommendation, Mrs. P.

If you can, it's really worth getting your level checked. You can start on 5,000IU anyway, but I personally found it really interesting to see that, even at 5,000IU a day for nearly 1 year my levels were still barely sufficient for any person, and way too low for someone trying to use Vit D to make a difference for MS. I really wish I'd had my VitD level checked when I had first started taking the supplements so that I could have done a big dose then.
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5000IU wasn't enough for me either; I had to megadose 150,000 x2 and then again at 40,000 x3 and then I maintain around 225 nmolL with 10,000IU per day.
You really need to get a test to give you a base measurement. If you can't get anyone to authorise it then if it was me I would do a couple of megadoses right away and continue at 10,000IU. If you are someone who spends time in the sun dayly as in a person who works outside etc then you would have to adjust it.

It would take heaps of it to get to what the studies call "toxiic levels" so you are pretty safe.
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I started taking 5000iu without having my levels checked (I reckoned I was bound to have low vitD since north-west England is always overcast!), got my level cheated a year later (sure enough, low) then did a one-off megadose to boost them
And what happened? :D
Haven't had levels checked since - but I'm feeling good!
I've been flying without a net myself, at first afraid to take more than the daily recommended amount, but now I take 5,000 iu/day. I swear doing so coincided with a real boost in mood (although other changes were happening then too).

I'd be interested to hear whether those who received the megadose felt better after their levels were where they should be.

I'm seeing my neuro today and am asking him for bloodwork to check my vitamin D3 level, also B12. No sense allowing any deficiencies to make things worse.
Hi Stefan,

after one year betaferon I stopped the medication this year in march. Now I try to follow the diet but it is not that easy for me. In july I got my Vit D leves checked and it was 25 nmol/L which is deficient. So I startet a set up with 3 x 100000IU in three days followed by 60000IU every week. In the end of september I got my level checked again and it was 85 nmol/L which is still not enough. I had a secend set up with 3 x 100000IU in three days and again 60000IU every week. I will let my level check again in november and I hope to reach at least 110 nmol/L. I will tell you the result if you are interested.

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