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Dani your example and mine which is very similar illustrates well the need for testing and megadoses to bring the level up quickly and to a decent level.
I maintain mine around 220 nmol/L; I base this on my own research and the fact that those living around the equator have levels of around the 200 with no ill effects. Therefore I think it's even more important for someone with an autoimmune condition to have higher levels in their blood.

I would say to aim for 110 nmolL is still too low, what do you think?
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I started on 5000/day when my levels came back ultra low, deficient. I wish I had taken more becuase there was continued disease activity the first month.

I now take 10,000/day. I was tested about a year ago and came out in the middle range. i will test again in January.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Kashu, 110 nmol/L is still far to low of course. It's just what I expect after that time of Vit D supplementation. I aim for 150 nmol/L like Georg recommends in his book. Perhaps I need another set up or two because winter is now starting here in Germany and I can't get any Vit D from sunlight.
How much is your supplementation dose per week to maintain your high level?
I take 10,000IU per day to maintain it but it took a while and a few megadoses to get it up there in the first place, just like you are doing.
The megadoses are so importaint aren't they.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Hi Dani,

Just reading your post about vitamin D and I find it really interesting I am currently deciding whether or not to take supplements for vit D I was on interferon for about a year but it wasn't good lost so much weight and was having regular bouts of sickness :( ive been off the medication for about a year (decided to take myself off it even with the nurses etc scaring stiff about coming off it) ive felt so good :) I did notice I was a million times more energetic etc on holiday this year with the sunshine and and now worried about the winter, was your doctor happy to do a blood test for you to check levels? I just sometimes feel like i might be wasting their time. Would love to know how ur getting on :)
Thanks Hannah
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