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Been taking Vit D 5000 iu's for 3.5 months now and been on Recovery program 15months. Just aware of the last 2 weeks
having a metallic taste in mouth every day and as the only thing I have changed wth my diet/supplements is the addition
of high dose Vit D assume this is possibly the trigger.

I googled overdose of Vit D and early signs say " Metallic taste in mouth " so am guessing my body is not happy with this level.

has anyone else experienced this and if so did you come off Vit D ?

I also take Calcium/magnesium for restless legs which really helps but wonder if that also effects the Vit D.

Am getting an MRI brain scan next week so when i see Neuro will see what he says but to be honest have self treated myself
through George's book so dont have doctors buy in on the level of supplements.
I can say I thought the Vit D had been helping my concentration / recall and energy levels, however in last few weeks have
had daily tingling/creepy crawly sensations in legs and eye socket pains so not sure what I should do really!

Any helpful comments appreciated. Thanks Anita
Hi Anita, have you had your Vit D levels tested? 5000IU is not an overdose unless your levels are already way up.

Your doc/neuro may not support your program anyway so you need to be settled in your own mind as to why you are supplementing and eating the way you do. I found it very beneficial to do the research myself; I googled "vit D toxticity" and this really convinced me that what I was doing was fine. Now I am comfortable defending my actions to a doc or whoever.

Your doc/neuro may not agree with what you are doing but they are more likely to respect your if you have done your research and are making an informed decision rather than just following 'some guy's book' although I would hope that the profession would know about George's Program by now.

I take quite high doses of Magnesium Citrate to help with nerve support and a sluggish bowel. I don't take calcium as I think there is enough in my diet and Vit D helps the body to use the calcium efficiently.

Those symptoms you describe can definitely be MS related which can come and go; you are seeing your Neuro so you can check it out with them.

Hope that helps
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Dear Kashu,

Thanks for your responnse and apologies for late reply.
I gather from lack of the responses on "metallic taste" that it was not due to an overdose Vit D and got proof today ;-)

Saw my Neuro with brain scan results and I was told I have chronic sinusitus in right sinus , completely blocked
which explains the months of deep socket pain in head and metallic taste ( as its a side effect of chronic sinusitus!!)
He is very supported of the Vit D supplements and I will add them back to my program.
Also visiting doctor for a Vit D test and discussion on sinuses.

My brain scan showed no active lesions however numerous more than my initial scan on diagnosis 10 year ago.
Totally expected and I feel healthy knowing I can continue on the Vit D route.

Just proves how good this site is really. Thanks again Anita
Anita, what a good example of symtoms turning out to be non-MS.

Not all leisions seem to cause problems, it all depends where they are as to what they affect. Your case is a good example too of it being not really necessary to measure the recovery by the MRI results.

Sounds like you have a good Neuro which is such a big help; perhaps you will not need him so often now tho :D
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
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