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Another ref. http://www.vitaminsinamerica.com/news/vitamin_d.htm.
I didn't find much that we didn't know here already and didn't find the paper completely thorough, but at least another support argument if, as I experienced, your doctor orders you not to take D supplement (my blood test showed 200nMol/L which she presumably assumes is toxic, needless to say I ignored her).
A useful reminder to take D with oily food.
The ref. to "cell energy starvation" seems to resonate with some MS symptoms. Not sure what to make of that.
I haven't been thinking about phosphorous or magnesium, and wonder if our veg/fish diet leaves either of those out of balance.
The ref to wool grease is new to me, but I think I read that some animals get vit B12 intake by licking their fur/skin. In all my years on a sheep farm, I don't remember seeing a sheep lick itself.
I'd not heard about UVB on skin cholesterol being the engine of our natural vitamin D synthesis process before.

I wonder what effect being skinny has on this process.
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