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Very interested to read the news re recent study at RMH on negative effects of Vit.D 2 on MS. My neurologist was mentioned as one of those involved.

This has just confirmed that my decision to discontinue contact with him was indeed the correct one.

Diz ,
It is interesting that D2 does not seem to work that well for anything -- it does not effectively address osteoporosis either. That's why we all take D3.

I dislike that study report because it fails to mention this well-known fact about D2 but instead presents some rather misleading results for those who do not know the difference between D2 and D3. As I am sure you know, the research shows that D3 is beneficial for MS.
I am amazed as my neuro is considerered tops in his field particularly with relation to MS.

Although, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised,as he has never considered the use of a dairy free low fat diet.as affective in fighting MS.
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