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Hello everyone

As a vegan I have been taking vitamin D2 4000 per day for a couple of years now. But in light of the recent study showing how ineffective it is and my own vit d results showing 32.4 ug/L (which i think is about 78 nmol) I am questioning the point. Also despite my diet generally avoiding sat fat and omega 3 etc I am slowly getting worse.

There is a new vegan d3 spray and the ingredients are

Diglycerides of fatty acids (coconut source), Vitamin D3 rich Lichen extract, Natural Vitamin E (Soy-derived).

Anyone have any thoughts or knowledge as to whether the coconut would mean i am spraying sat fat and scoring an "own goal" against MS?

Bit of a dilemna, I live in London, UK so sunshine doesnt happen for most of the year.

thanks a lot
I can't remember the exact quantity, we're either meant to keep our sat fat below 10 or 20 grams. In any case, that figure is not 0 grams. I don't know why they put the vitaminD in Coconut oil, though I believe it does need to be consumed with fat. It's not that much, is it? Without knowing, I'd say you could find another source online, but that it's also probably not enough to make a difference.

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Your Vit D levels are way too low and need to be raised quickly, consider doing what many of us have had to do and take megadoses of D3 to bring it up.

Yes stay away from coconut due to its high sat fat.

Did yo say you avoid sat fat and Omega 3?
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Hi and thanks for the replies

yes I take 2 tablespoons of omega 3 but dont get any sunshine.

The point is that d3 is not normally vegan but someone has just developed some but it is in coconut oil which Prof Jelinek says avoid. It sounds as if i would need 25 "sprays" of it a day to get enough (5000 iu) so it would not be such an insignificant ammount

Just thought if someone in the uk had made some vegan d3 is there anyone in the us (or anywhere else) who knows of another source where perhaps they dont use coconut?
My Vitamin D3 is from Lanolin, from sheeps' wool with Olive Oil..... My vegan knowledge is limited and new, but when I googled it, the wool is sheered from a living sheep.
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I take these, pretty sure they are vegan, I am in the UK
http://www.healthspan.co.uk/vitamin-d/s ... 93482.aspx

I just had the same question.

I take 5-10'000 IU of D3 daily from Vitamin Research Product, found on a UK website: Seeknatural.co.uk. 10'000 IU is 10% (so they say) of my daily value for saturated fat according to the bottle (in other words, far too much).

The oil is MCT, which is a saturated oil.

Could anyone tell us whether there is a way to have this vitamin with insaturated oil?

Many thanks, I am worried.

The one I take (link above) has no oil added, so just make sure you take it when you eat so that your food can help be the fat carrier. I take mine at breakfast which includes seeds and milled faxseed.
Hi catherine

To explain why D3 from sheep is not vegan.

Lanolin from sheeps wool is not acceptable to vegans because it is an animal product and practically everything that is commercially taken en masse from animals involves suffering and/or exploitation. Sheep are treated really badly in the uk, the national flock has vastly increased to take advantage of tax subsidies and yet the flock is generally underfed. A 1995 report showed 4 million lambs die evey year within a few days of birth because of welfare issues including freezing to death. Sheep are bred to deliver lambs in winter as well now. There is no way I would contribute any money to people/organisations involved in such an industry even if the use of wool for vitamin d is a subsidiary commercial product.

The vegan society would confirm its not vegan.
veg wrote: I take these, pretty sure they are vegan, I am in the UK
http://www.healthspan.co.uk/vitamin-d/s ... 93482.aspx

Pretty sure this is Vegan and contains no oil.
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