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Hi Veg

I emailed healthspan after going through the link and they have sadly confirmed their vit d3 is from lanolin
oh :( pants looks like I may need to find an alternative after my current stock runs out
Just to clarify. Most commercial vitamin D comes from lanolin from sheep's wool. Lanolin is not a fat; it is a wax. If you are vegan for ethical reasons you may wish to avoid this given it is an animal product, but from the point of the OMS approach, wax is not a problem, and so lanolin-derived vitamin D is not a problem.

Be well


My bottle from seeknatural contains mct oil, this is to avoid I think (it is labeled as oil).

Ive been taking it for 8 months, says 15% of daily need for sat fat.

Hope not that bad.

Thank you for the clarificaton George.
It brings us back to the point i started the thread on - would having 25 "sprays" per day of vegan D3 be ok bearing in mind it is in coconut oil?

Maybe George could give a view on that please?
Don't know about the coconut, but lanolin comes from fleece when sheep are sheared, not killed. So if you wear wool.....

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i don't wear wool (or wear leather), please see the comments on my post on page 1 of this thread
my guess is you will need to work out how much sat. fat 25 sprays of this product will give you and factor it into the total amount of sat. fat you allow yourself each day.
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...and having no animal fat at all, your sat fat intake should be very low anyway, so maybe it won't be a problem having the coconut oil Good luck :)
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