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vegan4life, does this spray say the quantity of coconut oil? Either way, I don't think it's too much, so you probably can take it.

Regarding the amount of saturated fat allowed in a day, Proffessor Swank recommended it shouldn't exceed 10 grams.

I also wonder if you considered using a tanning bed, since you can't get sun exposure during this season?
cats wrote: I also wonder if you considered using a tanning bed, since you can't get sun exposure during this season?

If you do decide to use a tanning bed do check the UVB output of the tubes used.
There is a great variation and many (those primarily used for fast tanning) that have a very high UVA output and very low UVB output. It's the UVB that acts on 7-Dehydrocholesterol that results in Cholecalciferol Vitamin D3. I use ones with 5% UVB output. Short exposures are important. It's also important to ensure you NEVER burn. Much of the DNA damage that leads to skin cancer comes from the oxidative damage from iron released from the blood when the skin is inflamed, which is why we must avoid sunburn.
It also helps if you become a blood donor as regularly giving blood reduces the chance of iron overload.
Melatonin and curcumin are good iron chelators that stop excess iron behaving badly.
Health Fellow Natural Sunscreen Options has some sensible suggestions for improving your ability to withstand UVB exposure safely.
Remember humans evolved outdoors wearing little if any clothing and having pale hairless bodies proved advantageous to those living away from the equator. In order to benefit from that evolutionary advantage pale near hairless bodies provided for outdoor lving near naked humans we have to STORE vitamin D in tissue and this only happens in significant amount at 25(OH)D levels above 40ng/ml and ideally around 60ng/ml.
Thanks Ted

I have just got a sunbed. I checked with the selller and it have bought a topaz sunbed which is best for vit d so i am told.

Having got it i have now been frightened by all the warnings in the booklet. It sounds like it is only suitable if you are a fantastic tanner who will do 5 minutes once a month! I exaggerate of course but it is worrying. I am not interested in tanning, only getting vit d. I am thinking of doiing 2 or 3 times a week for no more than 10 mins a time - it only does one side of my body at a time not two.

You seem to know your stuff ted, what would you recommend? I used to have fair skin when a kid and young man but as the years have gone by my skin tolerates the sun more and i dont really burn even when we go abroad on holiday.I have wondered if anything is to do with the increased unsat fat that i have.
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