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I started using Natures Answer Vitamin D3 a little over a year ago. I'm awaiting blood test results to see if it is working. My initial blood test result was 20 (but I don't know which measurement it was in. I live in the UK). I took a large dose of 150,000IU to start with and after that 5,000IU per day. But I'm still relapsing. So either the dose was not high enough or this brand isn’t what it says it is. I'd also like to add, I have an older sibling who also has MS. She has maintained a high 25(OH)D level and has not relapsed for 2 years. But she is taking tablet form, something I'd like to avoid since I take lots of other supplements too.

Here's the link to the natures answer product. Has anyone tried this brand?
http://www.naturesanswer.com/p-833-plat ... u-5oz.aspx

I just switched to try out Solgars vitamin D3 too.
http://www.solgar.co.uk/product/liquid- ... 32048.html

Again, has anyone used this product?

I'm interested to hear which brand you use and whether it has raised your blood level of 25(OH)D? And whether anyone takes other supplements that increase its absorption, like K2, magnesium, etc.

I'm particularly interested in knowing if anyone takes liquid D3, but want to hear about the tablets too.

If you could spare 5 mins posting what works for you I would be most grateful.

My plan is to get my blood level up close to 250 nmol/l. And I'd like to take a brand that I know will work.

Thank you very much.

I take one 50,000IU tablet per week prescribed by my GP, I also try to get all over sun. iherb.com is also a good source recommended by Prof Jelinek. My level is around 220 nmol/L.

Calculate your dose based on your weight - 5000IU a day if you weigh 50kg, I weigh 60kg and take the equivalent of 7000IU (50,000/ week). Also get another test, vit D is so important to get right!

Are you taking too many supplements? Some supplements may be harmful. http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... pplements/

I just take B12, vit D and flax oil, I'm not relapsing in fact I'm improving after 2 years of the OMS program - the first thing I got right was my vit D levels. I've had MS for 12 years.


Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012
Thanks Wendy.

In addition to fish oil and D3, I take N-acetylGlucosamine from biocare, Rosehip (gopo), bcomplex with added B12 and sometimes I need to top up on iron. I know iron isn't recommended, but I get blood tests for this too so I can keep an eye on it.

Tablets do tend to sit on the stomach.

I might ask my GP about getting 50,000iu supplement.

Thank you
Hello Caroline,

May I ask where you get your fish oil from? Does yours taste nice?

I get my d3 from seeknatural.co.uk, tablets. Just realized their liquid form I used to take was saturated fat : ( their were recommended by oms. Also my blood level is now 250 after 6 months of 10000 iu a day from 40, so it works.


Thanks Pascal, I will check out the site.

I take Eskimo-3 oil, after trying a few, this is the one I prefer. The liquid form is flavoured with lime and doesn't taste of fish.

I buy it from here:
http://www.auravita.com/product/Eskimo- ... 14372.html

I use http://www.bioceuticals.com.au/product. ... ductid=237

I love these drops as I can keep them in my bag and control my dose very easily !
I was takin OsteVit D3 until i noticed it contains lactose (some of my friends/family are scoring some great free vitamins from the ones i buy then disgaurd :-) )

I now have Blackmores Vitamin D3 1,000mg although i have dropped my dosage back from 5 to just 2 tablets a day over the last week unless the sun is hiding of course.

Had my VitD levels tested in early December & they where 124 > 3 months after i finished taking a 1,000 Vit D supplement daily i was getting moderate sun. Summer is great here at the moment & I've been getting 20 minutes morning & afternoon in just my boardshorts (greaat tan building up aswell lol) so fairly confident I'm getting 10-20,000iu's daily & the 2 tablets are just an extra boost.

I'll get my levels checked again next month & hoping they'll be above 150 otherwise i'll just up the supplements to try & get 175-200 before summer ends.
Iherb Origin 10,000IU daily
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I take Wholehealth Labs Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 3 x 2000iu tablets daily.

These ones are suitable for vegetarians and have a vegetable-based capsule (rather than gelatin). The D3 comes from sheep's wool! I like the capsule - mind you, my 20 fish oil capsules per day have a gelatin coating!

http://www.wholehealth.com/vitamins-sup ... /vitamin-d

I am just waiting for my results to come back after 4 months of taking them. I was 76 after diagnosis - I really hope its improved!
Thanks for those suggestions. I just got my results back, and my level was measured at 339 nmols which was unexpected! But good news as I guess it confirms that the natures answer brand was working. I've given the vitamin d a break to get my levels down a little, and will have another test in a few weeks.

Though, I'm a little disappointed that my disease is still active despite the high vitamin d level. I've only been on the vitamin d and the diet for a little over a year, so maybe it takes some time to work. My neuro says that my MS is highly active. I had 3 active lesions on my last MRI of the brain in March, with lhermitte's sign on a regular basis. He wants me to start taking avonex or tysabri, but I'm quite hesitant and feel I haven't been on this regime long enough.

Keep posting what brand you use and if you've benefited from it. I think it's so useful to share this kind of information.

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