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I think I mentioned in another post that my husband and I are planning to hopefully have a baby. I arranged a pre-pregnancy consultation with an ob-gyn to talk through quite a few things including whether I would be fine to continue on the OMS plan as-is.

(The ob-gyn was THRILLED to hear I eat an ultra low sat fat diet - effectively vegan + seafood! I thought he was going to tell me I needed to eat some red meat through a pregnancy - nope! He was EXCITED to hear how I eat).

Anyway, he refered me to a service called MotherCare to check that the fish oil and Vitamin D supplements would be fine to continue when trying to fall pregnant and during pregnancy.

And the verdict is ...

I can continue on the plan as normal whilst trying (20g fish oil daily, 6000iu Vitamin D + 2 Mega B capsules). When I fall pregnant, they said I should reduce down to 10g / ie 10 capsules of fish oil daily, only because of the blood-thinning effect. I am happy with that! I should have completed the first full 9 months by then.

In terms of Vitamin D (I was most worried about this!) she said that they do not mind the level of supplementation per day (she didn't bat an eyelid about the 6000iu daily). She said Vitamin D is a natural substance - that many pregnant women suffer from a deficiancy and are actually encouraged to take Vitamin D during pregnancy. What they care about is your Vitamin D level (not supplementation level). Shortly after my first episode in July I had my levels tested and I was 76 - so I have a long way to go still within the "usual" healthy range. So this advice suits me fine. I guess it would be challenging for someone maintaining 200+ Vitamin D level ... but ok for people with very low levels like me.
After doing the research on Vit D myself I would feel very comfortable keeping my levels just above 200 nmol/L if pregnant; in fact i would consider it essential so that the baby gets the best chance.

Consider doing a couple of megadoses before you fall pregnant to bring up your levels quickly :D
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Fully agree with Kashu. My levels stay around 200 after an initial megadose.
Have you read this about MS in family members? http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... y-Members/ George specifically mentions vitD supplementation should start in the womb.


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I have just passed the 3 month postpartum scary period and can totally relate to everything. I have been on the oms lifestyle for a little over 2 years and kept supplementing at 10 000 iu during pregnancy, plenty of fish and or flaxseed oil and lots of salmon. I found that when I was pregnant and now breast feeding I was famished and ended up also eating an egg here and there and often a little chicken breast. To keep up with the breastfeeding I have up-ed the carb intake and increased my unsaturated fat intake substantially which probably means that my saturated fat intake is a tad over 10 grams some days, but it is only from plant based foods ie avocado, nuts, extra virg olive oil and olives. I have completely cut out the eggs and chicken again.

It is highly important to keep up the unsaturated fat intake during feeding as mothers milk is primarily fatty acids and the less fat we eat the more weight you will lose, and losing weight while feeding means that your fat storages are going to producing milk and toxins are stored in our fat reserves, something u don't want to feed your bub with.

With regards to this lifestyle during pregnancy and your bub:-) it's the best start u can give them! I am a little girl and had a wonderful pregnancy, had the healthiest baby who was born drug free, quickly and without complications. she is huge, growing like a weed and keeping me truly entertained! I have had few problems since her birth 3 months ago and am only now feeling a little numbness. But the moral of my story: this lifestyle works, and it is the best start for your bub. Keep asking advice, the girls on here are fabulous and enjoy the pregnancy when it happens. Feel free to pm me if u feel like a chat, but u r doing all the right things and don't let anyone tell u otherwise!


So glad to hear that things are going well with you and your little baby girl! I am so happy for you... and your little baby! It is so refreshing and ispirational... keep at it!

Thanks Jacquie, you're a sweetheart!
ps - I meant to say earlier I'd love Vitamin D levels of 200+! I took a one-off mega dose as soon as I saw how low my levles are - I've been getting my 15 mins a day of sunshine and taking 6000iu a day. I've been doing that for four months and had my blood tested again last week - can't wait for the results! But I know how long it has taken other people to get their levels up, so I will try not to be dissapointed if it's only a little bit up.

I was trying to say in my post (sorry!) that if the doctors are just looking at my verall level - not my daily intake - I won't be hassled about taking the high doses. If I had already got up to 200+ they might start hassling and warning etc. Believe me, I would still continue with these levels - but it makes it so much easier when the doctors are on your side! :D
Sounds like a good plan Rey!! Good luck :)

Hei Amanda :) Will PM you soon.
Rey they will speak of their concern because they work within current recomendations. My tests alwasy come back with a big warning for VitD and B12 from the lab. Both my Integrated Medicine GP and my Primary GP said they're not worried keep it up. See there are good docs out there! :D
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