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Do any other people out there suffer from vitiligo (another autoimmune disease which means you end up partly tanned and partly not) - I think the George J diet may be helping this too, but being the only guinea-pig means that my results are inconclusive!
Hi Julie, It would be interesting to see photo of this case. Do you know any site of any such illustration on the internet? I have bean not able to find any. My concern with Professor George's “Sun therapy” is this. I’m for about 6 years on Copexone plus 3x50mg of Imuran daily. My neuro strongly advised me to stay away from the Sun. I heard that Imuran can cause cancer or conditions you have just described. Best wishes from Bob in Waikiki
Hi Bob, I'm afraid I can't oblige with a photo, but I am caucasian, so it's not as bad on me as it could have been. I particularly notice that my fingers and part of my hands remain stubbornly white, also my ankles whilst the rest of me seems to tan OK. What I noticed was that previously around my eyes and near my mouth there were white patches, but since I started the diet and risked going into the sun again, this has not been a problem.
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