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My husband, who has PPMS, just got the results of his Vitamin D3 blood test the other day.

Firstly the nurse said the result was 'normal' without giving any figures. When my husband asked for the actual result she said it was 70 - which according to the advice on OMS is actually low AND this is after over 2 months of supplementing on 10 000iu a day!!!!!! We've been thinking about a megadose so was just wondering -
1. Has anyone else with PPMS gone down this route and if so what were the effects?
2. Are there any side effects of taking such a large dose of D3?

Any advice appreciated.

My D levels came back at 70, too. I had only been on the D3 supplements a few weeks when the blood was taken.

I plucked up the courage to take a megadose, and, lo and behold, no side effects at all!




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I try and keep my D around 250-300, and now have no fatigue. I experienced a loss of my fatigue 3 months after starting the diet and Vitamin D, just disappeared about 2 years ago and hasn't returned since. I have taken megadoses of 200,000 IU of D a few times to boost my levels up, and I always feel well that day. I order 50,000 IU per tab from ProHealth (Vitamin D3 Extreme) is the cheapest way to go. Best wishes ...
After finding that my level was only 79nmol/L after 6 month of sun and 5000IU doses I also found that needed to take megadoses ;150,000IU and then a couple of 40,000IU and then 10,000IU per day to maintain my levels at about 220 nmol/L. I have had no negative side effects at all.
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a slightly different tiredness question.

7 weeks ago I was diagnosed with RRMS and eventually found the swank and overcomingmultiplesclerosis sites - subsequently (and now for the past 5 weeks, meaning after I was diagnosed, 2 weeks later) I am supplementing with D3 (and B12 and omega oils).

The thing I have noticed is that I feel better now than 10 years ago - more alert generally and fitter...BUT, i now experience a real need to go to bed from around 10.30pm which I never used to have beforehand.
I had read that D3 readjusts circadian rhythyms and so perhaps I am now naturally feeling like it's bedtime around then - otherwise, I don't feel any kind of fatigue at all.
Hi, I'm new here, I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with PPMS and feel quite lucky to have found this program so quickly, thank you google.

I have just taken a megadose of D3, 150,000 IU in liquid form, thanks to Gumnut for alerting me to the fact that Bioceuticals produce this here in Australia. I took the D3 Forte one, 1 drop = 1,000 IU; they are a practitioner only brand and I got mine from the dispensary in a health food shop. The naturopath said there are 20 drops to 1 ml, the whole bottle is 20 ml. I took 7.5 ml to get me to 150,000 IU. It's more of a creamy consistency, probably for easy of dosage, and tastes a bit like vanilla, quite pleasant actually.

I had my bloodlevels checked a few weeks before diagnosis and was at 15 nmol :shock: - my GP asked me to take 2 capsules of Ostelin a day, I took 3 and thought I was pretty daring.

So far I'm feeling good - it has been 20 minutes already and I'm still alive ;) . I thought at first I'd take the whole bottle = 400,000 IU, but from what I saw on the forum, higher doses get injected ? Wasn't too sure about it, so I stuck with the 150,000.

My question is now, how do I proceed from here? Do I start taking 10,000 IU from tomorrow, or do I wait for a time after the megadose? Also, I read that it's about 1,000 IU Vit D3 per 10kg body weight. I'm obese at 120 kg, so would that mean I should take 12,000 ?

Thanks for your help!
Welcome to the forum Maienkind

With a level of 15 nmol/L you are heading towards severely deficient and should take a much bigger megadose. You could take 150,000IU for the next few days if you are more comfortable with that, but 600,000IU as a one off is quite safe. It doesn't need to be an injection. You should then take 10,000IU every day after that, get your level checked again in a couple of months to see if you are on the right track.

This is an extract from the Recovery Program/Vitamin D:
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... Vitamin-D/
For people with initial levels indicating severe deficiency less than 12.5nmol/L a one-off megadose of 600,000IU raised levels to an average of 73nmol/L. This is still probably half the level which may be optimal in MS, but it can be seen that even large doses of this vitamin are quite safe. More recent research has shown that people who are overweight or obese require even larger doses of supplements to get levels up. My suggestion is to get a one-off dose like this if the initial level is low, and then take a regular supplement of around 5,000IU a day in winter, or more if required (10,000IU a day is perfectly safe), and the same on summer days when you get no sun, to get the level to around 150nmol/L as a minimum. The level should be checked at the end of each winter of supplementation to make sure it is not being overdone. Holick, a world authority on vitamin D suggests annually checking one’s vitamin D level as a routine.30

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thank you for the quick reply Wendy- yes, I'd be more comfortable with taking megadoses over the next few days, great idea !

Off to find more supplies, the healthfood shop only had 1 bottle left. seems to be pretty popular

Update 26 April: I feeeeeellllllllll gooooooooooooooddddd :) not fatigued anymore, took the second dose this morning and noticed that the bottle was empty - so either Bioceuticals have underfilled their bottle (I thought I had taken 2 x 7.5ml = 15 ml out of a 20 ml bottle), or the measuring cup I'm using is off. I've decided to go with the measuring cup being off, don't want to take more than 600,000 IU. So, one more dose tomorrow and that'll be it for the megadose.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night though, my brain was tired but my body was revving, so in total I had about 5 hours sleep, but was still going strong during the day today. I wish I had known about Vit D deficiency and megadoses years ago!
i just want to comment on the Vit D thing, I once had a Doc who suggested that my body didn't process Vit D in the same way as others' did, hence the need to always supplement. I take 20,000 nearly every day, and have never had my levels come back high. Just sayin'! However, if you do supplement, it's always a good idea to have a Doc check your levels periodically!
Suzabelle my body is exactly the same.

Maienkind I have done a 600,000IU megadose and was fine.
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