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Hi all,
I am very concerned now about my D level. In November last year my first result was 48 nmol/L. So for about 2 months I took 1,000 IU twice a day plus received 10 minutes of nearly all over sun per day (5 minutes back, 5 minutes front.) Then I increased the dose to 5,000 twice a day, but virtually stopped my sun exposure and was shocked to receive my latest result. It had DROPPED by one point! It is now only 47 nmol/L. What the hell??? The brand I have been using is Swisse. Considering how slowly the body absorbs vitamin D and flushes the excess out via the urine, I cannot see how a mega dose can possibly work, especially for me considering that I don't seem to be absorbing ANY OF IT! Is there possibly something blocking my absorption of the D?

My doctor said the usual "Oh don't worry, it takes a long time for it to build up." That may be, but is it usual for there to be a DROP while on 10000 IU a day? He also ridiculed the idea of a mega dose, but that's to be expected!

I intend to get 15 minutes of sun a day when I can now and stop taking the D supplement as it seems to be totally useless for me!

Hoping to hear from anyone with suggestions, although for the reason already stated above, there's not much point in suggesting a mega dose!

Don't get mad at the VitaminD. It does take some time and 1 or 2 months is not long enough. If you quit now, it will continue to drop. Just keep taking it and measure your levels in 6 months.

Also be sure it's D3 and I think it absorbs better with a little fat, so take it when you take your flax or fish oil.

Have patience :)

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Possible also to consider changing brand of vit d3.
Though as Alex points out you have not been taking it for long, less then 2 months.
My levels dropped at first, even after suplementing for a while, and it was at this point that my doctor suggested testing me for coeliac. That result came out positive and then (after the gastroscope to confirm) i cut out gluten which has then helped my body absorb the vitamin D.
I had a megadose injection of Vitamin D (prescribed by an endocrinologist).This was a dose of 600,000 given by injection into the backside. That took my level from 44 to 105. And then I continued supplements at 10,000iU per day last year. I was tested again in September last year and it had gone to 191. So it took about 6 months to get to that level. I cut back to 5,000 per day to see if that would maintain it. Another test in November had dropped to 150, so I have gone back up to 10,000 per day. It dropped quite quickly from 191 to 150 between Sept and Nov so it can drop quickly.

I think you should definitely take a meagdose by tablet usually suggested as 150,000, and then continue daily at 10,000 per day and be tested again in a short while. It seems to me that we need the high one-off dose to get us up there and then need to continue it. Also maybe check out the gluten?
Check also that you are taking D3 and not D2.
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We are all different though so do be checked regularily if taking 10,000 a day, it also depends on hieght and weight as to what you may need.
I take 5,000 a day most days and that keeps my level fine, I am very slight. I did drop in the summer but I thought I would be getting enough from the sun, but I did not so next year I will need to do a little of both.
Dose can be calculated like this - 5000iu if you weigh 50kg

Also the length of time you need in the sun depends on the UV index that day eg 10-15 minutes when the UV index is 7. You need longer if the index is lower.

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Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your suggestions!

I am not mad at the vit D Alex, just frustrated to see a drop despite taking what I thought was a high dose and it is D3 and I do take it with my fish oil, but thanks for the suggestion.

I will try another brand next time thanks Veg.

Ok, I guess my sun exposure has been insufficient at 5 minutes a side almost all over. I shall extend it to 15 but watch carefully for burning. Thanks Korimako. Also, I'm 5 ft 8 and weigh 63 kg so the 10000 should be ok I guess. Thanks for reminding me about the UV rating. I will check it daily before my sunbathing.

Thanks JaniceB for all your input. In fact, I was wondering if I should have my intrinsic factor checked, but now I'm wondering it might be the gluten. I hope not because I LOVE my bread! I eat 6 slices each day, but had no idea it can block absorption of vit D.

You have all been very helpful, thanks again!

Hi Jim everyone's bodies deal with things differently. My experience was similar.
The only way i could get my levels up was to do a megadose of 150,000IU and then a couple of 40,00IU.

Then i have to maintain a level of 220 nmo/L by 10,000IU on most daysi. I get sun maybe once a week and consider it a bonus.
I don't suppliment on those days.

There is quite a bit of discussion on megadoses if u do a search.

Your levels are way too low and you really need to bring them up quickly
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Hi JaniceB,
Thanks very much for your detailed advice. Although I was apprehensive about taking a megadose of D, I decided to go for it. However, considering that the high dose 50,000 I.U. capsules are only available on prescription that would mean taking 150 1,000 I.U. capsules…. So to test how well my stomach could handle so many, a week ago I took 50 capsules. The only discomfort was mild nausea for a couple of hours followed by one loose bowel movement. So today (2 hours ago) I took 150 capsules…Fingers crossed, so far there is only a bloated feeling. (I will stay within range of the loo …LOL) In fact that is one side-effect that no one has mentioned. Did it affect you in that way?
After taking the megadose, I happened to come across a reference to this article on the M.S. site which is a bit concerning: http://www.newswise.com/articles/view/584410/?sc=dwhp
Dr. Jelinek has not had time to respond to it, but it will be interesting to read his response.
Wishing you the best of health.
P.S. I tried to send this message to you privately but am not familiar with these forums and some how fowled it up.
Thanks for your feedback Kashu.
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