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I'd like to ask you about vitD3.

Here in my country there is only VigantOL® Oil, cholecaciferol (Europe). It's very cheep and available. But, it just say - medium chain fatty acid (MCT). Doesn't say how much is in it. Also - nitrogen and carbon dioxide as ingredients. Do I take them? Sat fat is problematic here.
Today I took 7 000 IU just to see how will react. Im affraid of cramps.
I expect a vit D3 from USA. My brother lives in Vancouver and wanna take it in farmacy in US, Seattle, where they asked him for prescription for 50 000 dose of cholecaciferol. I believe Korimako took it by prescription in New Zealand, right? Is it ok regarding sat fats? Wonder how they make pills, does they put that MCT in US? Is that pills ok at all?

He's little strange. He doesn't trust on line websites products (even George suggest some and they're the easiest way to get vitD3 I know). I can't persuade him.

And could you advise me for a megadose? I'm 71 kg. My level is 42nmol/L and I'm relapsing I know. But my neuro wants to get me in a study Avonex/daclizumab. I said yes and done screening, but now I have to wait for 28 days with no meds. Also, he took blood to exclude neuromyelitis optica. Whatever, I'm on OMS and my hope is here.

While I was researching about vitD3, look what I've found:
http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/stud ... ocs=Y#locn
Too bad they don't know about megadose at start.
Lana, your levels are far too low, you need to take a megadose of 150,000IU all in one day, and then take at least 5,000IU a day to keep your levels between 150 and 225 nmol/ L

This is just one of the topics on taking a megadose viewtopic.php?f=7&t=500&hilit=megadose&start=10

I have D3 50,000IU tablets on prescription and 10,000IU gel capsules from iherb.com I believe the tablets are derived from lanolin, a wax in sheeps wool, the capsules contain olive oil. I don't worry about the ingredients as long as it is D3 which is the right form of vitamin D.

It's such an important part of the OMS program and there is no danger of me running out of them! Wouldn't it be better for you to go direct to iherb.com or one of the other sites that George recommends rather than rely on your brother?

Have you read this on Interferons (Avonex) http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... terferons/


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I am from holland and I had a pretty hard time finding Vit d sup without mct oil or other bad fat. For all people in Europe, I now found liquid Vit d3 7,5 mcg/300 ie per drop, based on evoo! I am so happy with it. I take about 16 drops a day. The brand is called: Bonusan. It has no additives, just cholecalciferol(d3) and evoo! :)

take care, marika
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