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We know that we get vit. D from sunlight, so we supplement it.

I was wondering if there are any other components. I found interesting article about sulfur, it says that it's also created by sunlight, together with vit D.

http://paleodietnews.com/2354/sulfur-a- ... -diabetes/

They also say that supplementation of D3 is not as effective as sunlight. (I also saw this statement in one article about ms)

Question: Should we supplement Sulfur?

Maybe D3+sulfur is the key to ms?
I think you're going down the right path. One of my doctors has me on supplements to increase my sulfer levels and recommended I eat more sulfer rich foods, e.g. kale, garlic, brocolli, cauliflower ... I believe increasing sulfur was also key to the success Dr. Wahl's has had, she recommends eating massive amounts of kale. There are many references to her work on this site.
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