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First of all, it took me quite a long time to find out where can I get tested. My GP thought noone is doing it (in hospitals), only in private labs. But I did my homework, and find two clinical hospitals where I can get tested under my insurance policy.
First hospital told me I should fax or mail them my GP's refferal, then they will get back to me and they will probably call me in June (??!!), and my test results will be 3 months later (???!!!).

So I called city hospital and they told me just to come any day wihout an appointment - so I did today. Lady told me the results will be in 7 days, but I just got them by mail. Which is great!

But my results are horrible - 35nmol/L. :o

And when I remember I was afraid to take too much of vitamin D drops.

(and the funny thing is I feel no fatigue at all even with such a poor vit D level, so I wonder, maybe after the megadose I will fly)
well, good luck with the flying thing ;)
Hi Martina,
You describe your results as 'horrible' and of course I know what you mean. But actually, a low vitamin D result has its benefits, especially when you consider how easy it is to correct. We all want to do something really positive to help ourselves recover from MS and a low vitamin D result allows you to do just that. Quite apart from fatigue, a high vitamin D level reduces relapses. Yep, I reckon you'll be needing those wings pretty soon.
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I took megadose yesterday, 30 capsules of 5000i.u., divided in 3 x 10, in 17 hours (one at noon yesterday, the other in the evening and the last one today at 7am). So this is 150.000i.u.

I don't know if I should have felt anything, but I feel exactly the same - well.
I guess I have to continue with 5000i.u. per day.
What do you think, when should I check my vit D levels to see if something has improved?
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