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i guess this is not unusual but i got told by my GP two weeks ago that my Vit D levels were too high and could be toxic. My levels were 220.
have chosen to ignore her.

my sister was also told by her neurologist that her levels were too high (170) and that she should reduce thhem to 120. Go figure....
I just always let them know that there is research that shows people with MS do better with higher levels and let them know I am not supplementing with calcium.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
Remember you can choose another GP if your current one is unsupportive. They seems to have very different levels of education and beliefs around Vitamin D, and not just for people with MS. I find it really comforting that my GP is helping me keep my Vitamin D levels above 150. He sends me off for tests whenever I want them and he phones if the results are below that figure - even though we all know that is way above what would normally constitute a deficiency. Changing neurologist is harder...
OMG April 2010 OMS June 2010
you're right about changing neuros Karen - i have to wait til end of July to see a new one. Am in Perth, Aus.

My sister just ignores her neuro on the Vit D front. I have been to him once and didn't find him particularly open to things other than what he can see on an mri or drugs.. haven't been back.
If you are in Perth are you able to see Peter Silbert? He endoses George's book and would obviously be very supportive indeed. i am in Queensland (Sunshine Coat) and have a yearly argument/discussion with my neuro (that I pay for of course) where he tries to convince me to take drugs and I try to convince him of the benefits of OMS. We are both getting used to the arrangement! If there was a better option I would take it...
OMG April 2010 OMS June 2010
I am from the Sunshine Coast too and have recently had a very disappointing meeting with my neurologist when I attempted to share my enthusiasm for George's MS retreat and raise the evidence for diet, vit D etc as well as attempted to get a prescription for oral prednisone in case of relapse. We might have the same one. Are we allowed to name unhelpful neurologists, or is that a bit unethical?
You are right JLC, please do not do so in these forums.

You have the PM facility if you wish to share your thoughts on a personal level, but it would not be in the spirit of what these forums are about to post them publically.
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