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Hi there,

I am a sibling of someone who recently found out they have MS.

Since then, I got my vitamin D level checked and it is 35nmol/L. I was just wondering if I should take a large booster to get my level up quickly? If so, how much of a booster should I take?

Also, I'm a bit confused about what is the most important thing for trying to prevent MS in family members - is it vitamin D or low fat diet? I know a low fat diet is important for everyone, but I was just curious in terms of preventing MS in family members.

I look forward to a response.

Thank you :)
Welcome to the forum. There is a whole page on this which will answer your questions
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... y-Members/
Hi Blossom, welcome! You will see from the page that Wendy posted, that Vitamin D3 is really the key preventative measure for MS. But when you look at the other elements of the OMS program you will see what a general prescription for a healthy life it is. Cutting out saturated fats is a no brainer really, and if you can do without dairy, you know it's going to be good for you. Supplementing with a minimum 20 ml of fish oil or flax seed oil a day is easy, and meditation and exercise is going to make you feel teriffic. If you feel you may be prone to MS, then if you ever go through a period of depression or acute stress, taking immediate action with meditiation and exercise would be a very wise self protective measure. All the elements of the OMS program designed by Prof J clearly have benefits in reducing the likelihood of succumbing to so many of the 'western' diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and depression, so why not embrace it all? :D
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