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Thank you for the link!!it was a great read, i still not sure though wich result i should aim for.....

by the way how much magnesium did u take with your megadose, as it is goes hand by hand?

my sister blodresults were only 78nmol/L (lower than mine!!!) and she wants to take a megadose, but she is not ms sufferer so she is reluctant a bit to take the megadose..anyway i convinced her, but she wants to know the ratio and for the life of me i cant remember how much i took!!!!

apriciate your help
Good morning,

thanks for the link it was an interesting reading, althought i still not sure wich reading should i base my optimum level on.....
my other question is: with the megadose how much magnesium did u take? as i belive it goes hand in hand, should it be a ration between the two, ot you shouldnt take that much magnesium at once?

i really apriciate your help, im hoping ive done it right with the megadose and magnesium, although for the life of me cant remember how much i took!! my sister wants to know, as she done her level tested and it was lover then mine!!!! 79nmol/L and she wants to know-so do I :)

thank you
I have a level of 136-
I'm in the middle of an exacerbation
Ive read a lot of posts
How much a megadose should I take ?
It seems like 150,000 would get me over 150.

What level should I take ?Should it be 400 000 ?

Thanking you in anticipation

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