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I have asked George on email to tell me how many 5000IU capsules to take daily, have taken 3 x 5000 for 2 weeks, blood test came back as 106. Now I am taking 2 capsules for past 3 weeks. I thought our aim was to get to a reading of 100, but now have read it is 100 to 150gmol/L, how does this compare to IU's? Maree
I think George recommends a "booster dose" initially then a 5000IU dose 4-5 times a week. Definitely go for 150-200gmol/L! It doesn't get dangerous until about 400. The booster dose he recommended to our group depended on your starting test result, but I was pretty low (about 50gmol/L) and took 50 x 5000IU over two days.
I take and research shows 14,000iu reduce relapse, I don't know what scale you are using, there is two I know of nml/l, ng/ml In America it is 50-80ng/ml I am not afraid to go to 90ng/ml the conversion is 2.5 so 80ng/ml is 200nml/l we need to be on the upper side of the scale. 90ng/ml would seem to be the max, or 225nml/l
Hmmm...I'm new here. Haven't been taking D other than the dose that's in my multivitamin (400 or 800 IU depending on which one I take) Been trying to do sunshine on a daily basis. Am I wrong that 10/20 minutes of direct sun on your face should be adequate? (I've heard it's still good, even if it's cloudy.) Now that it's June here in the USA, I can spend a little more time out there in my shorts and short-sleeve shirt. How much D is necessary? And does it really make a difference if I take D3 or sit in the sun for a bit??? (Really enjoyed spending my summers in a sun-drenched swimming pool a few years back. Didn't know it was so easy to get a tan! Wish I could do that again.) Thanks
Have a good read of the following sections on this website, you will find comprehensive answers to all your questions: 'Sunlight and Vitamin D', 'The Taking Control Program' & FAQ's.
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