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I am a 68 year old farmer who has recently been diagnosed with MS. I live in Scotland and have just experienced one of the most sunless years I can remember - Edinburgh had 7.5 hrs of sunshine throughout July. Last three days we have had some sunshine but the temperature is now -5c (and open air swimming not pleasent)
Q: Is a sunbed a usefull alternative? and if so, how do I ensure the one I buy, beg, borrow or steal, is producing the correct UVB rays?
Hi Andrew,
I know it's been an absolutely rubbish summer and suddenly we are already frozen! I investigated sunbeds and found that it is not really possible to buy/hire with the right sort of UV lights. The best option is to get your vitamin D through supplementation.
If you feel the need for "bright" light to enhance your mood and increase energy levels, then lumie lights are definitely worth a try - although they won't change your vit D level. They are available from here:
Hope this helps,
Thanks Cinderella!
Cinderella is correct, if you are looking at traditional standard tanning beds. These only provided UVA light. There are new beds which provide a more broad light spectrum including UVB light, the light we need to generate vitamin D. Here's a link to more details:

These are rather expensive. I think you can better control your vitamin D exposure thru supplements or sun exposure at a much more reasonable price. Best of luck.
Again, many thanks!
Search rio suntanning superstore. I got a sunbed from them for vit d, they said there are some that do it for vit D, but must confess i did not use it like i should and am far too low on vit d and have just had a possible relapse, the first one i have had since being diagnosed sec progressive (when you are not supposed to have relapses) in 4 years.

I am fair so am not really sure what is the safe amount of tanning or not - aiming to do 3 times a week of about 8 mins each side. Taking supplements again but I do D 2 as I am vegan

hope this helps and you have more success
Many thanks! Hope you keep well, Andrew
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