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I have a vitamin D level issue and would love some input.

My level was 32 in May 2011 at which time I started taking 5000 iu of Vit D and tanning when possible and as suggested. In January 2012, my level was 112 and May 2012 was 131. When summer ended and I could no longer tan, I focused solely on 5000 IU of Vit D per day until... in November 2012, level had dropped to 61. I was shocked! What happened? Why were my 5000 IU of Vit D drops daily not working? Per Health Food Store where I bought them, they are of good quality. Anyone have any input?

I have since raised my intake of Vit D to 10 UI, started using tanning beds with UVA & UVB twice a week for 7 mins each and will be going south for a week soon and hence getting more intake there.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. :-)
Like most of us you will need to do a megadose, perhaps even then again to bring up your levels
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Thanks Kashu. I'm confused as to why this would occur if I had my Vit D level at about 150 and continued to take 5000 UI of Vit D when I could no longer tan. Isn't that what the book says to do? Why would it go to 66? What's your experience with this been like? Anyone else?
You were getting vitamin D from supplements, and getting vitamin D from sunbathing (10,000 - 15,000IU if the UV index was high enough). So when you stopped sunbathing, you were getting less vitamin D. Some people need more than 5,000IU to maintain their levels, looks very much like you do too.
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5000iu is the correct dose for a body weight of 50kg - if, like me, you weigh more than that then you need a higher dose, e.g. 7000iu if you weigh 70kg. It may also vary based on where you live due to the UV index of the sunlight you get (e.g. for George in Melbourne a UV index of 7 is typical - for the UK a UV index of 7 only occurs in the height of summer).
Thanks to both of you. I checked the link supplied and found the following to be helpful: "My suggestion is to get a one-off dose like this if the initial level is low, and then take a regular supplement of around 5,000IU a day in winter, or more if required (10,000IU a day is perfectly safe), and the same on summer days when you get no sun, to get the level to around 150nmol/L as a minimum." I will therefore continue doing what I've been doing, taking 10 000 up a day when unable to tan through sunbed and will go to Mexico.

As far as my weight, I weigh 48 kg so I believe that level to be sufficient.

In a couple of months of following this regiment, I will get my level re-checked and try to remember to post my findings.

Thanks again for the feedback.
If I go by my weight then I would need 10,000IU per day after getting my levels up, however my body drains VitD like nothing else so as well as that I also need to do regular megadoses, don't know why this is so.

The only way to keep track of it is to measure regularly and adjust, using your weight is only a guide and doesn't appear to work for all of us.

It will be good to see how you have gone with your plan once retested.
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Not sure but 7 minutes each side twice a week perhaps is a lot on a sunbed re sunbed risks.
I tried one at start of programme and my skin reacted to the heat, funny as can spend hours in sun naturally.

Good luck with your vit d levels rising again :)
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