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Can anyone else tell me if they have this problem...in 6 weeks of 4000-6000 IU/day my D level has climbed from 127nmol/l to 187nmol/l....I see that that is still considered a "safe level" but I also read that our bodies use 5000 IU's daily...so confused as to why my body absorbs the D so well...I just want to find a way to stay at that 150 - 160nmol/L Level. If I continue at this rate I will be too high in no time.

I live in Seattle, WA USA...wet, cloudy west coast...so Im not getting any D from the sun...I do take oil form Vitamin D and I know that is apparently the best.

Any ideas anyone? Should I drop to 3000 IU's? I guess time and experimenting?

And I was taking fish oil...not sure if that has vitamin D...but I switched over to just Flaxoil now.


It is interesting that vitamin D tests are not the most reliable tests on the face of the earth. If a result does not quite make sense, you might want to have a repeat done and see if you get the same result.

Also, vitamin D needs vary based on many factors including total body weight and percent fat. If you are a small person, 4,000 to 6,000 IU of D3 could indeed push your level up quite quickly.

5000iu is based on a person who weighs approx 50kg (smaller people need less, bigger people need more). What you need may also vary depending on the UV index of sunshine in your region, how dark- or light-skinned you are, how much vitamin D is in your diet and how much sunshine you get.
Thank you Rebecca & Catriona.

I will definately get myself tested in 2 months. I dont think I am small...I am 145 lbs, 5'6" and I have a muscular, athletic body. As well where I live - cloudy Northwest USA...from October to March the solar radiation is so little that we could apparently stand outside naked for 5 hours and still not get our vitamin D...Now I am definately not standing outside for even 5 minutes in the winter, and Im for sure not doing it naked :)....so I know Im not getting UVB from the sun.

On this diet for 2 months and have managed to maintain my weight and only lose 5 lbs. I did read that "unsaturated fats promote lean muscle mass, stoke your metabolism, and help you burn existing fat deposits" ...the only fat I have is from flax oil and what comes naturally in wheat products....So with not so much fat I may not need so much Vitamin D I guess...and I am light skinned, so I probably absorb all the UVB that hits it :)
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