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As vegan I do not take D3. When I was taking D2 supplements I was higher than normal in D blood tests but not high enough.

I did read s study that D2 supplements can get blood levels of D as high as D3 and have started taking D2 again.

But having read Prof Jelineks comments and that a study showed D2 did not help MS I wonder if there is any point at all

any comments or suggestions appreciated - i have a sunbed but that brings its own concerns about excessive use and skin cancer -- i am quite fair

Google is your friend!
Have you tried this-seems that they sell vegan D3.


Diagnosis Apr 2010, Coeliac Nov 2010. Procrastinated a bit. Fully OMS Sept 2011.
Hi and thanks, I just found that same site which is fantastic news and have ordered some already - I'm hoping it raises my D levels quicker than D 2 did
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