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Opinion on vitamin D slowly shifting more towards the OMS view: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/ ... supplement
I'm glad, Catriona, that you read a proper newspaper, then I get to see all the important news! Thank you. I'm far too embarrassed to tell you what my husband buys........ perhaps I should get off my backside and buy my own.

One day, everything that we do and believe in, will become common place. I'm sure of it. I remember when it was considered okay to sit at a work desk and smoke a cigarette! Everybody smoked whether they liked it or not! I even remember (albeit dimly) when frying in lard was considered de rigeur and curry or pasta dishes simply did not exist in the uk, let alone phrases like wholemeal or wholegrain or organic. Vegetarians were weirdos who were rarely catered for. Times change - eventually. We are just well ahead of everyone else.

Cinders xx
Very true - I think vegans now are where veggies were 15-20 years ago in terms of public awareness and food options in restaurants etc, and only recently some food companies have begun to respond to customer opinion on hydrogenated fats. OMS is a special case, but it's all slowly moving in this direction.

PS I mostly just look at the newspaper websites. The Guardian and The Telegraph are both free ;-)
Hi Catriona,

Interesting article but again I find it worrying that health officials are supporting the option of introducing vitamin D into breakfast cereals. Have they looked at the nutrition of breakfast cereals lately? So they are advocating putting a much needed vitamin into a food that adults, and more importantly children should probably avoid. Next thing, they'll be advocating putting vitamin D into McDonalds foods and carbonated soft drinks just because these are food products that a lot of people eat.

Am I just grumpy today, or what? :roll: Must be the effect of Christmas and all the promotional material from supermarkets I've been reading lately. Has anyone ever done this - next time you're looking at a supermarket catalogue just take a good look at how many pages you have to turn before you get to the REAL food. I'll even include meat in that definition. In order to get to the real food you have to pass chocolates, chips, soft drink, chocolates again, soft drink, chocolate, processed biscuits, lollies, soft drink, chips, energy drinks, processed fruit drink, packaged water, muesli bars, chocolate drink, fruit roll ups, chocolate cereal, cheese spread in a jar, chocolate cereal, jelly. And because this is a Christmas catalogue there is NO fresh produce (except meat and seafood). Broccoli does not get a mention. Although foods like chocolate and soft drinks are not the foods to eat for good health, if Christmas only came once a year (oh, and it does), then these foods would be balanced out with the rest of our healthy eating during the year. However, I've made a point of looking at these catalogues for the past few months, and surprise, it's Christmas every month of the year. Just who is driving our food choices? Has anyone seen broccoli on sale at half price lately? Not at our "fresh food people" store, or the other one either.

Anyway, I'm exhausted from my ranting. Would be interested if anyone notices the same trends in their country.

I really enjoyed that rant! Well said!


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I suspect they're just trying to reduce vitamin D deficiency in those who need it most. Better education about healthy diet would be a much better option, but changing habits across the population is slow, and they're up against the massive advertising power of all the big companies who make fizzy drinks and fatty burgers and crisps. Adding supplements to things people already eat a lot, like cereal and bread, is a way to get a quick result.
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