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Happy New Year everyone!

I got my vitamin d test results last week and they were high, maybe too high. My level was 76 ng/ml (American measurement). The nurse told me the range is 18-72. Up until a month previous to the test I was taking 5000 iu, then I started feeling very sluggish, so I upped my dose to 6000 and felt fabulous again. I weigh 50 kg and since the results I have went back to 5000 iu. I felt better taking the 6000 iu (just felt more energized, well rested etc) but I'm concerned the level was too high. Is it bad for it to be that high? Should I stick with 5000 or go to 4000? It's winter in dreary old Germany, so I hesitate to go very low because I won't be seeing any valuable sun for many, many more months. Any advice?

Wailua, your vit D level of 78ng/ml is almost perfect - PwMS must keep our level at the high end of the range 150-225nmol/L which equals 60-90ng/mL.
Read the first vitamin D FAQ for a more detailed explanation of the conversion.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... rces/FAQs/
If I was you, I would stick with what you are doing - if you felt great on 6000IU then carry on taking it!!

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Thanks for the quick reply, Wendy!

As usual, you are extremely helpful and VERY much appreciated! I will definitely keep it at the 6000 iu then.

I would plan to test it again though, i do mine every 6 months
It takes allot of testing until you can get it right. I took 10,000 for four months over winter and my level went to 330nol then I dropped to 5,000 for 2 months, then got tested again but only dropped to 300. It is summer now so I have now dropped to 4,000 and will get tested at the end of summer so hopefully I will be in the right range.

Some people absorb bit D better than others. It is all trial and error at the end of the day.

Wailua, one reply deserves another!

I've been in 15,000iu's a day and only tested out at 108 on my levels, I've since upped to 30,000 and now around 146. I've read the supplement study on pub med & saw where they've done up to 40,000, but capped it there without any further looking into, so maybe the established #'s are a bit too...conservative. best wishes!

Thanks everyone! I am definitely happy that I absorb Vitamin D well, but will definitely be taking your suggestions about retesting often. Luckily for me, all I have to do is ask my docs for the test and they say ok. I know that's not the case for everyone. I'm approaching my year mark, in a few days, of my first symptoms showing up, so I am just rejoicing in the fact that I feel so much better than I did a year ago! I hope you can all say the same. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out!

Yes, the toxicity should be observed at much higher levels than yours - above 200ng (500 nmol). As Tommy mentioned, there was Canadian study where they were given people up to 40,000IU daily for couple of weeks, with no side effects.

To test for potential problems, check also your calcium levels (either blood or urine). Elevated calcium levels (effect of overdosing vit D, although it is very rare) would be seen first in urine.

If you are still worried vit D may harm you, you can ask your doctor to be tested for sarcoidosis and check your parathyroid hormone levels. These are - very rarely occurring - counter-indications to taking high doses of vit D.

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