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Prof. Jelinek,

I was diagnosed last year March and I got your book two days after my suspicious MRI results. I read it in a matter of days and went to my first neurologist appointment with it well prepared. (Needless to say she didn’t know much about it and does not consider changes in lifestyle vital?!). I was officially diagnosed a month later, however I didn’t wait a single day and started your lifestyle change immediately! Your book is absolutely incredible; an absolute life saver! It gave me hope and guidance at a time when my medical aid threw me out on the streets so to speak...Thank you!!

I live in sunny South Africa and have been regularly tanning the recommended 3-5 days a week and taking Vit D3 supplements on days without sun - 1000 IU. Here I can only find pills containing 500 IU, so I take two at a time...Should I take 10 to reach your recommended levels of 5000 IU?!

My latest Vit D test shows a reading of 34.2 ng/ml - which is somewhat different from the way you measure it 150nmol/L?! Would you please help me understand the following:
1. Am I within the good levels?
2. If not, what is it I need to take?

Thank you in advance!

OMG March 2012, OMS March 2012
Hi Alexandra, this section should help :D
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... rces/FAQs/
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Your Vitamin D levels need to be between 60-90 ng/ml, so yes, you need to be taking more. It is weight based, so 50kg needs 5000 iu a day and then adjust to weight accordingly. I weigh 50 kg and take 6000 iu. I feel best at that dosage and my levels are right in the middle of the 60-90 range. Do click on the link that Kashu gave you because it has all of the needed information. I just wanted to give you the short bit, but yes, please get that D level up.
Thank you both for your answers!! It is clear to me now and will immediately take action - doctors been warning me taking Vit D in such large quantities is toxic & it should be sufficient to tan few days a week - obviously not!!
OMG March 2012, OMS March 2012
I found it very helpful to research ' Vit D toxicity ' for myself by doing a search. It doesn't take long to feel very comfortable with recommended megadoses and higher doses per day. It gives you the confidence to discuss the subject with medical professionals.

Here's a link to start you off but do look into it yourself.
http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vi ... -toxicity/
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
Alexandra. you can buy high dose (50,000IU) vit D tablets from Prohealth online. They come from America and are quite cheap. I find that the easiest way to keep control of my vitamin D levels. Plus glorious sunshine of course whenever possible.
So glad you found OMS!
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Thank you Karen,

I found the same in Dischem pharmacy, 50.000 IU with a prescription which I can get. The only question I have is to take that amount once weekly (with sunshine) and dont worry about any daily Vit D3 supplements...?! That makes about 200.000 IU every four weeks - I am concerned about safety & possible side effects but as far as I remember the book states that even very large dosages are pretty safe...

This book, website & support is a total life saver!!

Thank you!

OMG March 2012, OMS March 2012
Kashu that answered my last question about toxicity, thank you! I now have the confidence to demand a prescription... :)
OMG March 2012, OMS March 2012
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