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A good friend, who is a health nut, suggested I switch to Vitamin D is a powder from - you mix the powder with a little water and drink it down. It is available on-line but is very expensive - I am absolutely willing to spend the money if it is really going to absorb better... What do you think? Anyone heard of a real difference? The standard "serving" is 5000 IU of D with some added K2.

I take vit D 5000iu an normal tablet form and it's working for me. Currently taking one from Nature's Remedy but have taken the Healthy Options capsules one too. Hopefully getting my vit D level checked again soon but it's increased from 33 lasst April to 119 at the beginning of December, hoping to hit the magic 150 soon!
My level has stayed around 190-200nmol/L for the last two years with a mixture of Healthy Origins 10,000IU capsules from iherb.com, 50,000IU tablets prescribed by my GP and lovely sunshine from this lovely summer we are having in NZ.

I took a megadose of 150,000IU Healthy Origins capsules to get my level from 97nmol/L to up over 150nmol/L when I first started the OMS program which made a big difference to fatigue ie it disappeared and has never come back! I didn't mess around trying to inch my level up and took Professor Jelineks advice on the megadose.
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... Vitamin-D/

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