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My levels drop at 10,000IU a day, think I'll have to triple the dose.


Brian your levels are still way too low, you need more megadoses to bring it up and then stabilize it by tweaking the daily dose to maintain it.

Have a look again at Susan's experience, notice her 70,000IU per week was still only 10,000IU per day and it wasn't until she began megadosing she got some decent results
January 2012 - Vit D level of 70.
January 2012 : Commenced 70,000 IU per week
February 2012 : megadose 150,000 IU
April 2012 : Megadose 100,000 IU
May 2012 : level 134.
May 2012 : megadose of 150,000 IU.
August 2012 - level gone down to 105 (End of winter in Australia)
August 2012 - Took another megadose of 300,000 IU
August 2012 Increased regular supplementation to a weekly dose of 150,000 IU
November 2012 - level = 222 reduced weekly dose to 100,000 IU.

So, you can see that it took a while to get there, and several tests along the way

bannrikae wrote: My levels drop at 10,000IU a day, think I'll have to triple the dose.


Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I have just done a megadose over this weekend and may up my weekly dose, I'm sure I will have it under control soon.

Thanks again

I have just been reading your posts, I don't think anyone mentioned to you that Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin, so needs to be taken at the same time as some fat.

Hopefully that will help your absorption.
Hi Quin

I have recently started taking it with my flaxseed, oil and have also changed to softgels which contain EVOO, so hopefully things will improve :D


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